STOP telling people to 'watch sodium content'

STOP telling people to 'watch sodium content'

SALT does not halt fat loss. 

SALT per se does not cause high blood pressure.

SEDENTARY people who don't sweat a lot during workouts, who do not eat mineral rich vegetables and rely on salty french fries, hamburgers and donuts, will not lose fat if they cut out all salt from that diet but keep everything else the same.

SALT is needed for muscle function.

SALT is essential.

It's ridiculous to train hard and eat low sodium.

Do me a favor... Check the calorie content of salt. Voila, ZERO.

Intense salt cravings is a sure sign you need more salt.

Salt binds water but that's only an issue when you go from low sodium to high sodium over night. You wake up bloated.

But if you keep on eating salt your body will get the message and will not fight to hold on to each little grain of salt you consume.

The more salt you take in, the more salt will go out.

I'm not saying salt salt salt all you've got. I'm saying don't cut it out and don't be afraid of using natural salt in your diet.

I always recommend following a PLAN consistently when you want to get lean.

The pick and choose and calculate as you go is just very fruitless in 99 out of 100 cases.

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