Strength is more than what you see!

Strength is more than what you see
Strength is standing up for what you believe in.
Strength is to do what's right.
Strength is speaking your mind.
Strength is to show who you are.
Strength is to love unconditionally.
Strength is to fight for the weak.
Strength is to keep going when you want to quit.
Strength is having the courage to be vulnerable.
Everyone wants to look tough, be tough, act tough
Everyone posts memes with the cat that thinks he's a lion.
And yeah, that's cool until it gets tough.
And you like your comfort.
That's when you realize.
You need to step it up.
Stop being ashamed of who you are.
Stop being embarrassed for what you feel.
To be a lion.
You can't run away from what you fear.
You need to run towards what you fear.
And if that fear is about yourself.
Your limitation, your dreams, your hopes.
Just know... the most important challenge.
Requires courage.
So if you love something.
Or If you love someone.
If you're passionate about something.
You already won.

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