The 10 step PROCESS of a body transformation

The 10 step PROCESS of a body transformation

1. Super motivated to really do it, somewhat intimidated but you commit.

2. Starting the program, it's overwhelming but you see some fast progress and it keeps you motivated.

3. First bump in the road: you're getting discouraged for no real reason but the "diet brain' kicks in when you feel like nothing's happening.

4. The marathon phase: where you just need to keep at it and not stress about every day seeing progress. One day you wake up and boom you see cuts, then another day you feel smooth etc.

5. Second bump in the road: as the body fat melts you realize your muscles are tinier than you thought and regret you did not train as heavy as you should've to build too. You get a bit discouraged.

6. First victory milestone: when you feel your belly in the morning and it's lean. A feeling you wouldn't trade for anything in that moment.

7. Second victory milestone: around week 8-9 your commitment is finally really being visible and the old nay sayers and friends who kept telling you you wouldn't succeed see your accomplishments. This motivates you a lot.

8. Third victory milestone: every day you become prouder of your dedication, you feel like a new you. Workouts are more fun, your diet is tasting a lot better. And... You fit in clothes you haven't worn for a long time.

9. Fourth victory milestone: When you don't question your meals anymore and you don't even miss your old diet you realize wow this became a lifestyle!

10. Fifth victory milestone: At week 12 you suddenly find a new goal. Either build more, lean out more and you're not as scared as first time, since you already did this first phase... or you want to compete to set a personal goal!

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