OFFER for Beginners - The Starter Pak!

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We have created a great offer and Starter Pak for you who are complete beginner. We want to help you get into the fitness lifestyle and help you help yourself!

Retailing for over 130$ we are offering THE STARTER PAK at an INTRODUCTORY OFFER for ONLY 99.99! 

What's inluded?

The Beginners Guide, a printed hardcover book with a full diet and workout plan. 

Fighter Diet Whey Protein. Protein helps you burn fat and retain your muscle.

Fighter Diet Greens. With over 70 different fruits, vegetables, and vitamin SUPERFOODS there simply isn’t anything more you can want! FD Greens can help with digestion, detoxifying the body, reduce inflammation inside out. It’s packed with probiotics that promote a healthy gut too.

Who is The Starter Pak for?

Women who are completely overweight, eating a lot of bad food and who do not exercise at all.

The Starter Pak is designed with the completely out of shape person in mind with empathy for those who need a more gentle entry into a healthier lifestyle.

Listen to the women in the film below. Is this you? THE STARTER PAK can help you!

What is Fighter Diet? 

Prevent overeating by overeating (the right foods), YOU WILL NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN and still LOOSE WEIGHT!

Eat WHEN YOU WANT to eat, for example late at night when the hunger and cravings come! 

What can you expect to find? Here's just a few highlights:

1) Week by week instructions to transform your food intake.

2) As the plan progresses, specific menus.

3) How to read nutrition labels, shopping, and how to cook healthy.

4) Learn why exercise, specifically weight training, is so important and how cardio fits into the picture.

5) Introduction to exercise routines – starting out very simple, and progressing as appropriate.

6) Your quick guide to joining a gym – including basic gym etiquette and what moves you should ask a trainer to demonstrate (you can also refer to Pauline’s photos included.)How to make your new lifestyle routine,

7) Strategies for restaurant visits, and some guidance on swapping foods within the included meal plans.


Retailing for over 130$ we are offering THE STARTER PAK at an INTRODUCTORY OFFER for ONLY 99.99!