There’s a lot of pressure on women about our looks and body ideals

There’s a lot of pressure on women about our looks and body ideals

Remember these facts:

1) You do not have to strive to be what media tells you to strive for.

2) You do not have to strive to look like an insta model porn star with a huge butt and huge boobs even though she tags pics with #fitness (rolling eyes). 

3) You do not ever have to change the way you like to be you to please other people who have the nerve to tell you what you should be doing.

4) Girls pose and guys believe it’s real, stupid boys also think all women live to be fuck worthy and that all of us strive to be that for them but guess what? No. Hell no.

5) The amount of muscle you want is up to you. Same regarding how lean you want to be.

6) You are great no matter what you look like.

7) Adding muscle to your frame will just promote longevity, and youthfulness.

8) If someone calls you fat or manly etc, there is only one thing to do: stop listening and move on.

9) Fitness isn’t about being sexy, it’s about being mentally strong and confident, which is quite sexy indeed.

10) You have one body and as a woman you have the exact same muscles as any man. Build them, chisel them, own them, love them and they’ll love you back.

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