Thigh Gap: what's the obsession with it and WHY?

Thigh Gap: what's the obsession with it and WHY? 

Space between the upper thighs is an obsession amongst women nowadays. I remember I too wanted that back in the time I was starving myself. Knowing what my motive was, to be very, very thin and have protruding bones, vertebrae and ribs, I feel it's important to explain why a thigh gap is a ridiculous fitness goal.

Here are my 5 facts about thigh gaps:

1. Unless you have very wide hip bones which usually comes with a narrow shoulder structure, a thigh gap means your adductor muscles are underdeveloped. That is not a sign of strength!

2. In an attempt to firm up the inside thigh, infamous for being flabby, you need to BUILD those adductors! The inside thigh hosts several adductor muscles which you can bring up so your thighs shape up.

3. If you skip training inside thighs to get a thigh gap, you will also inhibit growing rounder glutes. Why? To get round glutes you need healthy balance in all your leg and hip muscles. Weak adductors can lead to hip impingement syndrome, knee injuries and more.

4. You can't spot reduce fat in this area unless you have liposuction done. You think cutting out fat is bullet proof? Nope! Fat cells can proliferate and if you suck some out, new ones can still form. You also risk getting a lumpy look, like cellulite from uneven results.

5. Women with an athletic body type, narrow hips and broad shoulders, should in no way strive to have a thigh gap unless you're a catwalk model. You might have some space in the mid part of your thighs, however, the top section should not.

What should you do if you want strong, lean legs and glutes? The Butt Bible!

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