Things and obvious TRUTHS

Sarah Huffman, a Figherdiet warrior showing off her guns!

Today a woman talked to me at the gym, tried to get me to try yoga.

She said something so wise I already know but still it is an amazing feeling to have someone else tell you those obvious truths sometimes. Listent to these words of wisdom:

As much as you tighten, as much you must lenghten! 

Yeah of course!!! And she told me as I was working on my tight hips and looked all miserable I assume.

This inspired me to write my own obvious truths.... so here you go:

1) Whatever diet you follow there got to be some kind of restriction for it to work if you are interested in fatloss.

2) Restriction of calorie rich foods is clever, emphasizing bulky fiber rich foods is clever too. You must KNOW what a true serving size is. I have people report they have a serving that they believe is one when it really is 5 servings.... what YOU consider is a serving is seldom a serving that works for fatloss. Of course the companies love that you don´t read labels. That way the measly amount of calories per serving looks great, they don´t care you stay fat and miserable.

3) There is no such thing as "I take in about X oz of chicken". How do you know if you never checked the facts? You think you have an inborn expertise on knowing those details? Weight it, remember it visually and don´t heap servings just because the measure cup allows you to!

Fighterdiet warrior doing a "Flex Friday" showing off her guns!

4) Don´t expect to transform your body from fat and flubby to fit and firm in three months unless you work with a hardass trainer 24-7 and never get injured, ill or fall off the wagon during that time period. Remember how long you let yourself get out of shape and compare that to what you expect your body to do for you in minimum time... Not that fair to your poor body right?

5) Just because you are strong does not mean you will end up with the same physique as someone who is as strong but with a better physique. There is so much more into it than that.

6) If you cannot see your abs you are not retaining water, it is most likely subcutaneous fat. If it does not go away after a few days, definately it is fat, not water.

7) Eating humongous amounts of protein and no carbs won´t make you leaner or more muscular.

8) If you don´t see results from your dieting you are either not strict enough, not doing it long time enough or you just cheat yourself too often.

9) Cheat days are cheating yourself. Indulge but KNOW you do it for the purpose of you liking food: it does not help your body to eat crap.

10) Don´t ask me how long it will take for you to reach a certain look in regards to muscle and fat ratios... Too many things are to be considered and when did I start to see the future for each person who asks?....Just enjoy the ride, stop thinking about the end product without even getting started!

11) Start executing instead of planning all the time. Plans are just plans. Actions lead to new actions.

12) Stop looking for the perfect plan. There is nothing like that. It is all about compromises and how much you truly want it.

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