Tips for fitness girls: Building Muscle!

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Tips for fitness girls: Building Muscle!

1. Lift like your life depends on it.

2. Train primarily with free weights and without machines.

3. If you can text while you weight train it’s not heavy enough.

4. Don’t set up camp at the gynecologist machine: there’s more to train than your butt.

5. Learn proper form. It’s not smart to do stiff legged deadlifts with flexed back. I understand you feel a stretch but with a rounded lower back you’re putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on your discs.

6. Train for mega gains even though you just want to be “toned”.

7. Don’t hold back to avoid getting too big. You can’t unless you eat like it.

8. Eat before you train. Or at least have a protein shake.

9. Cardio isn’t “rest day”.

10. Banded squats are great but they’re not the only version.

The point is there are many variations of the classics.

Stick to basic classics and only so weird ineffective moves when you’re bored, overtrained or need to cycle in some light weeks.

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