Tips for fitness girls: Defined Arms!

Tips for fitness girls: Defined Arms!

1) Film your sets if you never “feel” the muscle working.

2) Biceps exercises are best done with dumbbells. This avoids world domination by left or right while the other one is couch surfing.

3) Give your arms their own workout. It doesn’t have to be long. I can fry my guns in 15-20 min but those minutes count!

4) Check your intensity and focus. You need to psyche yourself up to lift great.

5) To see muscle you need to lose fat. Triceps are a common Wells Fargo bank for fat cells.

6) The armpit area is often insulated with fat as well as outside of the elbow. I remember I had that and hated it. Fat loss via nutrition is the remedy.

7) Avoid tennis elbow and golfers elbow by avoiding these sports. Just kidding! These common gym rat issues can be fixed with wrist extensions for the weaker forearm extensors.

8) Horse shoes are a result of enough muscle mass combined with low enough body fat.

9) Triceps’ long head is the biggest head: it loves being stretched overhead so serve your arms some overhead extensions!

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