Tips for Fitness Girls: why eating BIG meals helps fat loss

Tips for Fitness Girls: why eating BIG meals helps fat loss

1) Big meals take longer to finish, making it easier for your brain to detect you ate something, so it can then decide you've had enough.

2) Big meals have greater thermic effect than small meals. Thermic effect of food is the term used to describe cost of digestion.

3) Nothing feels more comforting than eating so much you definitely do not have room for sweets unless it's one of our Fighterdiet desserts. Those we must have daily!

4) Veggies are your best carb friends. Not only do they provide superior nutrition compared to refined carb sources, they also provide more hydration, soluble fibers and again the chewing is important in fat loss.

5) Big meals cut your appetite. Naturally so. Nobody gets full from a meal no bigger than a cup unless you've had a gastric sleeve surgery.

6) Big meals will stop all those nasty feelings of being deprived which gets to you over time and you throw in the towel.

7) Women do not dream of mr right. We dream of eating as much as we like without looking it. And... Fighterdiet comes CLOSE to that fat loss utopia!

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