To count calories and macros or not

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To count calories and macros or not... Pros and Cons: 

* You learn food's nutritional value so you can mix and match your meals.
* You are less prone to face deficiencies in micros since you're aware of your food's nutrients.
* It makes it easy to track your intake so you can reach your fitness goals.
* The information is out there. You can't escape the truth which makes it easier to stay away from overindulging.
* Knowing your numbers is important for fat loss and muscle gain. No guessing, just tracking.
* With fat loss you'll notice your brain will try to stop further fat loss by increasing your appetite. If you are not aware, you'll eat up to compensate.

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* You might get obsessed with counting and calculating, derailing your focus from other important things.
* It's easy to think 'sugar is sugar is sugar' and forget all other micronutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants that food contain. Food is more than just macros.

* You might fall into the trap of counting calorie expenditure in training and match it to calorie consumption, just to realize it does not add up or does not work.