To eat or not to eat SOLID food before your AM workout

Photo by Kai York

To eat or not to eat SOLID food before your AM workout


1. Blood sugar level control. Not eating can make it drop low and if you're sensitive it will affect you. (Maybe your pancreas aren't effectively telling the liver to release glucagon for instance).

2. Eating is anabolic since eating increases your insulin level which are anti catabolic. It means you train in a growth state. Depending on what you eat plus insulin sensitivity you can get a moderate or high spike....

3. Eating a meal 1-2 hours pre workout tends to boost performance and stamina.


1. Your body will focus more to digest food which can make you less efficient in the gym.

2. "Train low, compete high" concept of teaching your body to use fat for fuel is done without carbs consumed pre workout.

3. Emptying your muscles pre workout is easier done when not consuming carbs pre workout, it can help your muscles to load in more glycogen from your post workout meal. 

But does it matter what you chose?

I think no. What you like doing, what works for you and what you keep on doing = will give you results.

You will not get leaner from doing fasted workouts if your food consumption remains in surplus regardless if you eat pre or post workout.