Today I trained arms & cardio

Today I trained arms & cardio

I often get questions about what’s different with your workouts compared to others.

I’m not trying to be unique.
Bodybuilding isn’t unique, it’s pretty much a matter of who can hit it the hardest for the longest time without getting injured.

As you can see there’s no special exercise that is the magic potion.
No THC of training styles that will have you fly high day in day out.

No, just discipline and desire.

That brings me to the pet peeve comment “why do you want to change or improve? Why not be happy with what you got”.
Well, that’s like saying you shouldn’t go to school or self educate yourself since you were already born with a brain with some information so why improve?

Oh yeah! That self realization thing we like to do when we have taken care of the basic essential human needs for happiness.

Self growth comes from being put through tests. It doesn’t come from airbagging your life.
Self growth is eternal until we die. If you don’t push yourself you’ll never be what you can be.

Why stay talent or a potential when you can make it happen for real? Why be just a could’ve been?

Not everyone will get building muscle. It is an acquired taste for hard work. It’s something you just must love to do.

Training to me is therapy for the soul that simply shows on the surface.
Don’t be mistaken. It’s not about the body. It’s about what putting your focused determination into work does: it translates it to a well built physique.

Here’s today’s workout:

Arms + abs pump + weekly cardio

5 min treadmill
50/50 reps warmup


Flat bb extension :top:
70/6+6P, 70/6+6P, 80/3+6P

BB skull crusher
50/9, 50/9, 50/9

DB bicep curls
35x2/6 alt-25x2/6 bilat, 30x2/6-25x2/6 bilat, 30x2/6-20x2/6 bilat

Uni triceps dB extension :top::top:
20/12, 25/8N, 30/5N-20/5N

Incline bilat hammer dB curls
20x2/9, 20x2/8, 15x2/12+10 peak staggers :fire:

Cable muscle curls
12/21, 12/12, 12/20

Reverse BB curls
30/20, 40/15, 50/12-30/12

Wrist extension small bar
25-25-25+50 thumb over curls

Triceps push down rope

AB crunch pump up black seated

Cardio stair master :fire::ok_hand::skin-tone-2::ok_hand::skin-tone-2:
5 min +1min HR :top: 185ish
- Level 14 (max level)

Nothing feels better than waking up leaner! Guess what you need to do to make it happen?

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