"Too tired, too fatigued, too unmotivated, too bored, waiting for that perfect time to commit" ....

What the heck?
You will always be tired now and then. It's called life!
Too fatigued? What is it that is fatiguing you: dead weight? Hard to breathe? Your self-poisoning with excess calories day in and day out?
Bored? Would you be bored if this was your last day to live?
Unmotivated? What motivation do you need to start living?

What are you waiting for?

For the day when you 'feel like it'? What if it never shows up? Like waiting for a giant ship to come to your little pond in the backyard? What are the odds?

Are you so great that you're beyond hard work?
Are you so amazing you don't have to suck it up and execute like the rest of us?

You will never succeed by being lazy.
you will never succeed by waiting on your couch.
You will never make it by daydreaming about your breakthrough moment when you suddenly just have it in you to do it.

You must work to make it.
You must dedicate yourself.
You must want it more than anything.
You must want it even when you don't want it that moment.
You must stay faithful to your goal.

Stop dreaming
Stop waiting.
Stop blaming others for not being able to succeed.
Stop hoping for change.
Stop praying for miracles.
Stop being envious of others who have done what you have refused to accept you MUST do.

Overall..... just START. TODAY. Not tomorrow. No more excuses, no more guilt trips, no more "I'm sorry", no more 'I wish I had the willpower".

Just start and never stop. 

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