Transform YOU!

You can too! Transform with Fighterdiet, choose one of our 12 week diet and workout programs.

Transform YOU

Before internet and before social media, before you could get anything you want in less than an hour delivered to your door, many people set up the the same expectations regarding fitness results. Basically asking for this: “want transformation like this, won’t work more than a week for it, and if progress is dissatisfactory let’s just give up”.

What the heck is going on?

You think “giving up” will make it easier? Where’s that miracle cure you’re looking for that you’re throwing in the towel for? Why do you keep on looking for secret formulas when you’d waste much less time had you stopped dreaming, stopped complaining and installed some dedication?

You can’t negotiate away the key component of bodybuilding, patience! It’s not your lack of “proper genetics”, it’s not lack of ability, it’s not lack of intelligence. Nope, it’s what we’ve conditioned ourselves to assume is reasonable and realistic. Would it be realistic for a newbie MMA fighter to think he’ll be ready to fight in the UFC in a month? Of course not! Going up against those with decades of hard work while you just enrolled in an online fight club and “pass the octagon test multiple question test”?? 

No! I know this post will piss off those who belong to the entitlement generation but you know what? That’s ok. Sometimes getting upset means there’s something to it. 

You can too! Transform with Fighterdiet, choose one of our 12 week diet and workout programs.

New to Fighter Diet and Pauline? Try a Fighterdiet 12 week Challenge, admission opens September 1st

* New meals to choose from.

* New workout program.

* 12 Week Transformation Challenge.

* Beginner and Advanced in same group. 

* Workout at home or in gym. 

* Day by day diet and workout plan. 

* Part of closed Facebook Group (Community).

* Fighter Diet Coaches there to help you. 

* Women only. 

* Pauline's weekly Facebook Live in the group.

Fighterdiet Challenge
 admission for our fall challenge opens September 1st.

Not only will you receive an ebook guide that includes a day by day diet and workout plan and cardio routines.

You’ll be part of an amazing community of like minded women and men on Fighterdiet’s private Facebook group where you’ll be free to upload photos, ask questions and communicate with Pauline herself, Figherdiet certiified coaches and all of the challengers participating. 

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