Unsure About Joining My Challenge?

Me with 3 winners of 3 different challenges!

Unsure About Joining My Challenge?

Tempted to try my fitness challenge but so new to it all you're discouraged?

10 facts:

1. You can never fail unless you never dare to try.

2. Not sure what an exercise means or how it's done? I have Fighter Diet coaches there, we got it for you!

Grace Tay ia a Fighter Diet Coach from Malaysia, you will meet her in our challenges!

Read more about Giselle and how she WON her challenge and won over herself!

3. Support is important when you start a new thing. This you get!

4. Vegetarian? Vegan? Allergic to certain foods? We will work it out. 

5. No gym? No problem. You need free weights and a bench. Both can be bought cheap on amazon!

6. You can be anywhere in the world and do this.

7. If you have a trip coming up, a wedding or anything else and thus feel it's in vain to do a challenge: That's an invalid excuse! I teach you how to work this into a lifestyle. I don't teach you to be a fitness prisoner.

8. Injuries? They can be healed. Fat loss comes from diet primarily and that's why you can be injured and still get lean.

9. Your interest in my program indicates you still haven't found your own health solution. Why not try?

10. Because you're a tough, empowered, strong person inside who just wants it to show on the outside!

New to Fighter Diet and Pauline? Try a Fighterdiet 12 week Challenge, admission is OPEN for LEAN LEGS and BODY BY PAULINE

* New meals to choose from.

* New workout program.

* 12 Week Transformation Challenge.

* Beginner and Advanced in same group. 

* Workout at home or in gym. 

* Day by day diet and workout plan. 

* Part of closed Facebook Group (Community).

* Fighter Diet Coaches there to help you. 

* Women only. 

* Pauline's weekly Facebook Live in the group.

Tori Riegler, previous winner, lost 24lbs and now considers herself a fit person!"

Andrea Chan, previous winner, totally transformed herself and now feels beautiful!"

Martina Kodrun from Slovenia, previous winner, gave it her all and became a super athlete!"