What Do I Consider JUNK FOOD?

What do I consider JUNK FOOD?

I say 'don't eat junk food' but what do I consider junk?

Any food, no matter how healthy or unhealthy is to me considered junk if it is counterproductive to my goal.

That means no food is being discriminated against.

Don't go believing a glass of wine isn't junk or a bowl of quinoa, on top of your daily calorie intake for your goal, won't sabotage you due to its health benefits.

If you want to drink a glass of wine but still get lean, what do you do?

If you're trying to justify it, ask yourself would a donut be ok too? Junk as junk if it's over your calorie budget.

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If you want to incorporate a junk food, healthy or not healthy, you need to swap something out on your diet plan.

What happens then? You swap foods you chose that help build muscle and get lean for a food that has little nutritional value but comes with lots of calories.

Can you do that? Sure. But not every day or you'll turn your diet into more crappy than effective.

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