What's different in the next challenge?

"What's different in the next challenge? I've done two. Why should I sign up again? My goal is to get stronger, get leaner, build muscle."

This is a question all trainers and coaches deal with. It's a question usually posed by those who aren't well informed about the process of a body transformation.

I understand you believe there must be some other unknown exercises that if you just did them you'd get more results.

I understand you struggle accepting that we ALL do the SAME thing more or less and it's based on the overload principle.

To build more muscle consistently you need to consistently challenge your current muscle status.

The longer you do this, the further you manage to add more muscle mass, the greater the resistance to change further.

The more muscle mass you pack on, the harder it gets to pack on more.

The biggest difference between a beginner's physique and an "elite" level physique is the amount of wight on the bar, the amount of repetitions with that weight on the bar, and, the sets of reps with that weight on the bar.

There are only so many exercises under the sun worth your time. Why should I include the inefficient "fun" ones that wouldn't deliver results like the basics?

You need to perfect the basics over and over and over again, not throw a little ball to the side, jump down and up on a box and hit the ceiling with a hand clap.

Fun is seeing gains on the barbell. More plates added. Heavier weights added.

Focus on that, and you'll realize why "what's different" will become 'same same' the longer you travel this fitness journey.

The leaner you get, the harder it gets to get even leaner.

The leaner you get, the hungrier you get.

This is why you need a method not based on willpower but rather on on human psychology combined with your brain-gut interaction.

That's what Fighterdiet is. My method to do what 99% of people claim is impossible.

Well, it would be impossible for me too, if I was hungry and hangry from portions so small I'd have difficulty locating the meal on the table.

I offer a community where you’re accepted and appreciated: the Fighterdiet warrior community. Join the challenge. We start January 9. No late comers!

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In short:

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