When I created Fighterdiet

When I created Fighterdiet I chose the name to reflect the mindset required to get and stay lean all year round. 

You need to master discipline. 

You need to be the king of your brain. 

You need to have the skill to maneuver staying on mental autopilot. 

You need to want it more than anything else. 

This isn’t about having a nice looking body: 

It’s about chiseling and carving out a mind of steel, an inner drive so strong nobody and nothing can stop you. 

This kind of inner journey requires not only motivation, it requires a strength few are willing to gain. 

You see, a strong physique isn’t built in the gym nor in the kitchen. It’s developed via hardship and challenges it takes to get there. 

Not many keep it up, any time there’s a valid excuse to use, people do. Do I? No. Hell no. 

My only way in life is keep on going. Up, not down. But it sure takes all I’ve got and always will. Anything worth fighting for will cost you. The question is how much are you willing to do. 

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Tori Riegler, previous winner, lost 24lbs and now considers herself a fit person!"

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Tori Riegler gained confidence, self esteem and lost 24lbs!