Where did all the energy go? And what to do!

Some days a workout feels like a HUGE achievement to accomplish. About the same level as if you were Neil Armstrong who first walked on the moon....

Some days everything is just DIFFICULT. For no reason. Where did all the energy go? And why isn't it here today....

The last thing you want to do is hitting the gym. Seems like there's no reason to do it. What's the purpose....

Some days no matter what you try to cheer yourself up with you FAIL. You're just not feeling it. Like you're in a bubble. Like a zombie.

When you have these days it's easy to freak out... To give up. Just not care anymore. Surrender to feel like a living dead, someone vegetating on the couch simply existing until you die for real...

They're those kinds of days when even two lbs held in your arms feel like a tonne.

Those kinds of days when you feel paralyzed. Your brain is just sticky like honey. Or maybe maple syrup. Just not sweet at all. Just BLAH.

So what do you do?


2. Put your shoes on.

3. Put the earbuds on and crank up the volume your ear doctor would cry to tears about knowing you listened to that loud music but today you don't care, what do you need ear drums for if you don't wanna live tomorrow anyway.. it's TODAY you're ALIVE, the rest is just the rest.

Pauline Monster Shoot-2

4. GO WORK OUT. Do your favorite exercises and don't even care about the weight you use.

5. Go home.

Pauline Metroflex-1

6. Eat something you won't regret tomorrow.

7. Go to sleep.

8. Wake up. And I promise you tomorrow will be ALL BACK TO NORMAL AGAIN.