Why did I come to America?

Me, Pauline, early photoshoot back in Sweden.

Why did I come to America?

When I was five years old I saw a picture of a pink and grey sunset skyline of Los Angeles and I knew this is where I must go, this is my arena.

Fast forward to 17 when I started training in order to build a physique like Arnold so I could move to California.

February 20, 1999 I visited a gym for the first time and told the trainer who handed out beginner programs and demonstrated how to use the machines that I was going to be a fitness star in America. LOL, he just laughed. No wonder, I didn't look any special at all. Just a regular Swedish girl.

I was never frustrated with the process of building. I knew it took time. After having starved my body for years it responded quickly and I fell in love with the muscles popping up.

At the time I was studying six languages, international affairs, philosophy and art to become a foreign correspondent, I kept up my classical singing training and playing piano, but after that first workout I quit it all to SOLELY focus on bodybuilding.

In 2001, after graduation, instead of transferring to university I worked as a black jack dealer and as a caregiver to elderly, trying to figure out how to make it to Los Angeles.

For you who don't know, it's not like you can just come to America. You need to be granted a green card. At 19 of course I didn't know how to apply.

That's how I met Pavel. He saw me at the gym. He didn't have the guts to approach me. He put up a wanted poster and the gym contacted me to say I had an admirer. I didn't call him for months.

Then one day I did, and my first question after Hello was 'do you want to go to America?'. He said yes.

And that was all I needed to know and that's how it all started.

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