Why Fighter Diet Is A Healthy Choice!

Joanne Hetherington from the UK flashing her abs.

Why Fighter Diet Is A Healthy Choice!

There is a reason why I include the different foods in my Fighter Diet concept. 

I believe in preventing sickness and disease with nutrition and an important part of it is to reduce inflammation caused by our lifestyle, training, stress, diet, environmental pollution, and another part is to keep your body clean from the inside out!

I am not talking about those colon flushes, hell no, I don't think it's the way to go.... With plenty of vegetables and soluble fiber like wheat bran for instance you can rest assure you will get a good cleanse every day lol...

Joanne Hetherington from the UK got her veggies :)

Here are some of my motivations behind why these foods made it into The Fighter Diet

1) Wheat bran is considered a detoxifier since it binds to minerals, so for an example mercury will get carried out the natural way instead of sitting around in your system.

2) Mustard contains turmeric. Turmeric is considered an anti-cancerous herb.

3) Cabbage and broccoli help the liver detoxify the body.

4) Greek yoghurt has bacteraia good for the gut.

5) Oatmeal contains soluble fiber known to lower blood pressure.

Shelley Morris Bell and a well earned selfie!

6) Whey protein contains the anti oxidant glutathione which helps the liver recuperate and it prevents inflammation.

7) Pistacbio nuts contain the same kind of good fat as olive oil, but they taste better than drinking oil:-).

8) Cocoa powder increases dopamin in the brain making you feel better and happier. chocolate effect there you go.

9) Shirataki noodles increase your fiber intake a lot and keeps you full.

10) Pink salmon contains some fats, it's a pretty good choice of fish when it comes to the risks of mercury contamination and BPA contamination.

11) The focus on as little meat as possible is great for the environment, for your cholesterol levels and to keep your body out of too much inflammation.

Cassandra Thompson Black showing off her guns!

So there you go, some reasons why I include the food items I do.....

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Remember, food is fuel, it's the tool to bring you the best physique you can have.

Eat for your goal, go Fighter Diet!

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