Why we eat so much food on Fighterdiet?

Pizza by @junebugfitness an official content contributor and chef for Fighterdiet

Why we eat so much food on Fighterdiet?

1) Big meals get the message efficiently delivered to your brain that oh yeah you DID eat which curbs your appetite.

2) Longer time spent chewing means more time for your brain to register your food consumption.

3) You cleanse your gut and intestine daily which is superior to doing a 3 day cleanse now and then.

4) Stretching your stomach at meals calms down hunger hormones in the gut. And don’t worry, the stretch is momentary.

5) Nobody wants to live a miserable life being hungry when you don’t have to! 

What's included in the Fighterdiet Cookbook?

This collection contains recipes submitted by FIGHTERDIET followers who love making fighter diet creative and fun!

  • 111 pages in PDF format, printable and viewable on your computer, phone or any mobile device.
  • Includes shopping list pages you can write on, leave the book in the kitchen or take it with you to the store!