Women usually "forget" or choose to selectively acknowledge we can't grow muscle eating nothing ...

Women usually "forget" or choose to selectively acknowledge we can't grow muscle eating nothing ...

I see tons of skinny skinny ladies in the gym and online who are clearly underweight due to semi starving themselves.

It might seem like a 'duh of course!' but sometimes we need it handed to us some simple facts!

10 reasons why you need to eat to gain muscle and lose fat:

1. Muscle mass is built when you're not in a deficit. Your body does not want to build muscle mass when in your body's and brain's perspective you're starving and can't afford it.

2. You will not gain strength required to make a change to your body composition if you have no fuel to back it up.

3. Eating is what supports muscle building. Training is only the catalyst to the process.

4. If you forget nutrition, you won't recover and you end up reusing the same protein from your muscles over and over, which means you are not building more muscle.

5. Eating increases insulin which is anabolic. Nutrition done right, it helps you.

6. Sometimes you need to accept to gain some body fat to make a change in muscle mass. It's part of the process and doesn't indicate you're lacking character or discipline.

7. You don't get a gold star for not gaining an ounce of fat if you never gain any muscle either! Do you want to bang your head to the wall for a decade and learn you wasted your time?

8. Eating for muscle mass and weight gain requires the same consistent dieting as dieting for fat loss. The difference is now the goal is to slightly overeat daily.

9. You can not overeat a little for two days, then cut down the next and expect miracles in the muscle department. Split out the calorie intake on all days of the week, divided to average daily intake, means you're still in a negative energy balance.

10. Undereating leads to too low cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is required to create hormones, cell membranes and to absorb important vitamins. Without them you won't gain muscle.

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