You get to EAT A LOT

"Just get up and go for it. Nothing is impossible - Maja Belavic"

On Fighterdiet we eat a lot of vegetables because they provide lots of nutrition but few calories, which means you get to eat a lot.

I'm not sure why this is so complicated to understand, but you can not eat a big bowl of veggies and then stress about feeling 'bloated'. The 'bloat' subsides, you'll get leaner since you can for once stick to your diet when you're not starving all the time!

Many times these complaints come from people who are not lean or at a healthy weight, so I ask them 'but did you eat this much while gaining the excess weight?" and of course the answer is "no".

If you don't like feeling stuffed and have no interest in any junk food or sweets because you're full, then go ahead and reduce the portions by swapping out low calorie veggies for ones with more calories, but be prepared you'll find yourself hungry. And once you're hungry you'll struggle more to stay on track.

Are you ready for IGNITE THE FIGHT WITHIN? 

Admission is open and we start April 10th. 

12 week transformation challenge with Pauline Nordin, Gina Aliotti and Dana Lynn Kaye. 

For the first time ever we introduce video circutis to follow along & Flex Flavors to flavor your meals by Devotion Nutrition Creations!

I want to be a part of this!