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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is an ongoing personal challenge that uses 2 separate apps. The Uscreen web-based app and The Fighterdiet Recipe App. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time, but both apps are needed for optimal results.

  • Uscreen is a web-based platform where Fighterdiet offers guided workout videos led by Pauline Nordin. There are playlists of videos created every 8 weeks. New workouts are added every day. We have a large library of videos for beginners to advanced which use minimal equipment and can be done at home or the gym.

  • There is no wrong way to use Uscreen. There are no rules. You just pick a video and follow along with Pauline. You choose to do as much as your schedule and fitness level allow. Just select a video and work out with Pauline!

  • Yes, Uscreen is a separate subscription. You can select a monthly, 6-month, or yearly subscription. This is separate from the challenge fee.

  • The Fighterdiet Recipe App is an amazing tool to add to your fitness life. There are over 500 Pauline-approved recipes and new recipes are added weekly. There are meal plans with curated menus created by Pauline. With the curated menus, there is no stress of meal planning on your own. Simply pick a menu and follow the recipes for the day.

  • Yes, the Fighterdiet Recipe app is a separate subscription. You can select a monthly or yearly subscription. The yearly subscription works out to only $0.22/day! This is separate from the challenge fee.

  • Yes, the Build & Burn challenge is open to everyone!!

  • The beauty of this challenge is that it is a forever challenge!! It’s a lifestyle to live the Fighterdiet Way. We do not see it as a challenge with a start and end date. We love what we eat, so it’s easy to stick to it for Life! Pauline is the BEST coach and is the only trainer you will ever need. The Facebook challenge group is a forever group. You pay your challenge fee once and then maintain the uscreen and recipe app subscriptions. Become a Fighterdiet Warrior for life! You can join Uscreen at any time, there is continuous enrollment.

  • Yes, there is a Uscreen challenge private Facebook group. This is a forever group that provides you with a community of like-minded, fitness-focused people and provides group and community coaching. You will be sent a link to join the group after you purchase the challenge.

  • No. The Uscreen challenge is 100% unscreen video based. Pauline leads, you follow. Train like Pauline and get the results you are looking for!

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