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  1. Fat Loss , Cardio
    Fighter Diet Cardio
  2. Diet
    Fighter Diet What & When to Eat
  3. Diet , Fat Loss
    Fighter Diet - The DIET for EVERYONE
  4. Fitness Motivation
    Fighter Diet "Secret Formula"
  5. Fitness Motivation
    You know why I created Fighter Diet?
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    10 Fitness Truths NOBODY Likes To Accept
  7. The Challenges
    10 reasons why I host Fitness Challenges
  8. Beginner
    Fitness Toddlers! 10 Basics you need to know!
  9. Fitness Motivation
    Fitness Self-Medication
  10. Fitness Motivation
    10 Fitness Mistakes and FIXES
  11. The Challenges
    Giselle WON!
  12. Fat Loss , Beginner
    List to do for getting in shape
  13. Beginner
    OFFER for Beginners - The Starter Pak!
  14. Diet
  15. The Challenges , Fitness Motivation
    I got sick of MY BULLSHIT!
  16. Fitness Motivation
    My 10 things I put in my fitness journal!