Fighter Diet Challenges

Transform Your Life

keo fox

transformed her life at 57
before fighterdiet
weight: 160 lbs
body fat: 35%
after fighterdiet
weight: 127 lbs
body fat: 8%
fighterdiet results*
weight lost: 33 lbs
body fat lost: 27%

"I found support and SUCCESS. I learned to
THINK and ACT to support my goals." -Keo Fox

*Keo Fox did 3 challenges back to back to achieve this.
Keo Fox Transformed Her Life

Andrea Chan

toned muscles in 6 months.
before fighterdiet
weight: 151 lbs
body fat: 25%
after fighterdiet
weight: 138 lbs
body fat: 17%
fighterdiet results
weight lost: 13 lbs
body fat lost: 9%

"I exchanged fat for toned muscles over the course of 6 months and hardly recognize myself. I feel stunned, I can not believe this is me and I feel beautiful." -Andrea Chan

Andrea Chan Toned Muscles in 6 Months

autumn jones

achieved her dream body
before fighterdiet
weight: 173 lbs
body fat: 32%
after fighterdiet
weight: 143 lbs
body fat: 17%
fighterdiet results*
weight lost: 30 lbs
body fat lost: 15%

"I decided to join a challenge to turn my life around, to make a change, to bring out the fun, bubbly me again." -autumn jones

Autumn was a runner with no results, started Fighterdiet and achieved her dream body!
Autumn Jones achieved her dream body.

giselle le blanc

lean toned muscles and abs!
before fighterdiet
weight: 144 lbs
body fat: N/A
after fighterdiet
weight: 134 lbs
body fat: N/A
fighterdiet results*
weight lost: 10 lbs
body fat lost: N/A

"Lost 5 inches around my waist and 6 inches from my butt." -Giselle le Blanc

Giselle replaced a lot of fat with lean toned muscles and got ABS!
Giselle Le Blanc lean toned muscles and abs!

tori riegler

tori lost 24 pounds
before fighterdiet
weight: N/A
body fat: 27%
after fighterdiet
weight: N/A
body fat: 18.5%
fighterdiet results*
weight lost: 24 lbs
body fat lost: 9.5%

"I feel phenomenal, I feel like I can rock any outfit. It has give me my self esteem back and I feel toned." -Tori

Tori lost 24 pounds and 2 inches around her waist and 4 inches of her hips and went from a size 40 to 36.
Tori Riegler Lost 24 punds
we empower our customers to ignite the fight within so that they
can achieve the long lasting results they've always wanted.

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