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Step 2: Study and Pass the Fighter Diet Certification Exam

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Grace Tay Image

Grace Tay -

Cuts & Gainz Challenge

I am Grace Tay from Malaysia!

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your fitness journey. I will be by your side sharing your ups and downs, your laughter and your tears, and sweating it out with all of you. We will be pushing ourselves to the limits and we will be doing things that we have never done before.

  • If you really want your body to change, you have to do something you have never done before.
  • Most of the time, we secretly don't want to change.... that's when excuses starts getting creative.
  • You have to learn to live ABOVE your weaknesses and not let it get the best of you.
  • Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities.
  • Always remember that the limit is not in the sky, it is in your MIND.
  • MINDSET is everything.
  • Life is only as good as your mindset

If ever you feel like you are about to lose it, please, reach out to us so we can pull you back in swiftly! You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must...

  • PLAN to win
  • PREPARE to win
  • & TRUST that you are winning

Your ATTITUDE determines your direction. We can't depend on our feelings to reach our goals because most of the time our feelings are affected by internal and external factors that are out of our control. 'DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION' is what will get you through it all and achieve success! Use discount code CoachGrace for 10% off EBook purchases from

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Michelle Kelly Image

Michelle Kelly -

Cuts & Gainz Challenge

My name is Michelle Kelly, and I will have the pleasure of being one of your coaches. I was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but have been in the U.S. for most of my life. I reside in the wonderful "bipolar"(when it comes to the weather) state of Texas. I am 43 years old, a wife, and a mom to 3 awesome kiddos (17, 14, 11).

Cuts and Gainz is my 7th challenge and I will admit it is my favorite one. I have been doing FD challenges since January 2016. It has not always been an easy journey, because life is always throwing curveballs at me, but I never let it affect what I had set out to achieve. There were many times I could have just thrown in the towel and say that's it, but I had to continue asking myself "WHAT GOOD would it do and HOW WOULD that HELP my health, my body goals or my family?"

We are all going to ENCOUNTER some kind of challenge along the way on this health and fitness journey we are on, but it is HOW WE CHOOSE to HANDLE them, that will make or break us! I CHOOSE DAILY to believe in myself and Pauline's process, exercise patience in my progress and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I NEVER give up on ME! Also REMEMBER, ALTHOUGH MOTIVATION is great, you are not going to FEEL it everyday to do this. YOU have to dig deep within YOU and GO after what you are wanting to ACHIEVE. So, in saying all that ladies, please TRUST the PROCESS and the WORK that Pauline has put into creating this WONDERFUL program. It has yielded so many FANTASTIC progress since I have been doing it and before. WHY not add yours to it?! Let's get to CUTTING SOME FAT and GAINING SOME MUSCLE.

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Tammy Morris Image

Tammy Morris -

Cuts & Gainz Challenge

My name is Tammy Morris, and I am one of your Coaches

I found out about Pauline back in 2012 and followed her for a long time before jumping into my 1st challenge back in 2015 (which was Cuts & Gainz). Then I was asked to be a Moderator March 2016.

Looking back, this has been the best decision that I have ever made for myself. I have learned how to eat properly, how to swap foods and the importance of eating more veggies.

I'm a vegetarian, mom of 4 Fuzzy Butts, a veterinary technician and also here to help guide you on your journey every step of the way.

Now lets crush this challenge and unleash the beast in you!

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Shelby Lewitt Image

Shelby Lewitt -

Cuts & Gainz Challenge

I want to introduce myself, my name is Shelby and I will be one of your challenge coaches.

A little about me..

I am a mother of 3 and live on Vancouver Island in Canada. I work part time from home in payroll & benefits. When I’m not working or working out I am enjoying life with my family out on the water or in my kitchen creating yummy Fighter Diet recipes. My first challenge was Cuts & Gainz in 2015 and I have been hooked ever since.

A few things I have learned along the way..

  • Spend a few hours each week prepping your meals - fail to plan, plan to fail..
  • Keep a serving (or 2) of protein powder in your purse cause life happens and things don’t always go as planned. This will keep you from going hangry if you miss a meal.
  • If you are unsure, ask!
  • Have fun – don't stress!

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Shelly Bryant Image

Shelly Bryant -

Cuts & Gainz Challenge

Hello! This will be my 6th Fighter Diet challenge (2nd Round of this one). With each challenge completion, I experience exponential mental, physical & emotional growth. For those who don't know me as yet here's a little background.....

I spent the majority of my career in the pharmaceutical industry and discovered my love a fitness after gaining 60 pounds in one year following my divorce. The company that I worked for a launched a "healthy directions" initiative and asked that I lead it. I refused to be a hypocrite, so I got myself into shape & changed my eating habits. When I was laid off years later, I became a Health Educator (w/Personal Training & Weight Management certifications -NASM). I ran my own business for years before needing to earn a steady income for my children. I went back to work full-time 4 yrs ago .My most rewarding role is as a parent to my 24-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter.

I encourage you to commit yourself to this challenge, for yourself. You deserve it!!! One of my favorite quotes is, "Success is where preparedness meets opportunity". This is your opportunity. Prepare by following the plan, trusting the process, and succeeding!!!

I'm honored to be on this journey with you as a Coach.

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Emma Laws Image

Emma Laws -

Cuts & Gainz Challenge

I'm Emma from the United Kingdom and I will be one of your coaches.

I'm 37yrs young and a full time Prison Officer. My training is my passion & my sanity. There's no better feeling then slinging some heavy iron about.

I started with the FD challenges back in May 2015 with Butt Bible & I've joined every challenge since, it's kind of addictive.

I have moderated the last 2 Shred Challenges and now have the honour of being one of your FD Coaches for this challenge & we are in for a roller coaster of a journey.

As you can see from my photos below I suffered a work injury in 2012 which sidelined me & I gained more than a few lbs! During this I stumbled on FD and the rest is history. The comparison picture is a year later with consistency & developing a better understanding of my diet. That will always be KEY over training, but ultimately BOTH go hand in hand as you NEED both to be SUCCESSFUL in your GOALS.

I started out wanting to be lean but when I got there I realised even with my previous training that I didn't have the mass I thought I did. Cue me changing my mindset and joining the Gain Train!

So my pointers for this challenge:

  • REMEMBER each of you are starting this challenge at different points of your journey. Your START point will be someone else's end GOAL.
  • This challenge is YOU V YOU!
  • TRUST the PROCESS - you are going to hear it again and again because it WORKS
  • MOTIVATION will get you started. DISCIPLINE will be needed to keep you going.
  • This is a CHALLENGE. It WILL challenge you. FOCUS on your GOALS.
  • If You need HELP be sure to REACH OUT & tag the Coaches. We can't guess but will always GUIDE you if you let us.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY ENJOY it, EMBRACE it, LEARN from it & have FUN. You are going to make lifelong friendships here. They are PRICELESS!!

Looking forward to this challenge with you all.

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Andrea Chan Image

Andrea Chan -

Military 2 Challenge

My name is Andrea and I am one of your Fighter Diet Coaches.

I am a mom of 2 young ones and a children/family photographer. With a passion for fitness I was a manager of a Boston gym for years until my youngest was born.

I found FD in 2012 and dabbled in it but I started FD challenges in June of 2015 with the 1st build and burn challenge I won that Challenge and haven't looked back, I have been participating in the challenges ever since!

I have heard some amazing things about this challenge and some of the returning challengers and I'm am amped to be a part of this group and of course be back with some of my favorite coaches!!

Please don't hesitate to tag us on any questions, concerns or needs we will be there for you!

Let's smash this challenge!

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Alan Cummings Image

Alan Cummings -

Military 2 Challenge

My name is Alan Cummings and I am a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

I have been serving for 12.5 years and have deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Republic of Georgia.

In my time I have learned a lot about leadership and hope to help use that to guide and coach you all through this challenge! In my everyday life I am a deputy sheriff and work primarily inside a prison with inmates but will all so get out on the streets from time to time.

I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful in this world! I earned a bachelors of science in movement science with a concentration in health fitness and one in athletic training. I hope to take all these skills and tools to help you all succeed everyday in this challenge!

I have been following along Fighter Diet since early 2012 when I discovered Pauline on the cover of the Marine Corps Times! I honestly believe there is no better complete workout/nutrition program on the market. For those of you who are new to Fighter Diet welcome and I hope you are ready to work. For those of you who are familiar with Fighter Diet and are new to the MC, this is going to be something you have never seen before. This program is not just about appearance and having a lean healthy you but about performance!

Again, welcome and I hope you are all ready!

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Santino Costa Image

Santino Costa -

Military 2 Challenge

My name is Santino and I will be one of your Fighter Diet coaches for the next 12 weeks. Some of you may remember me from past challenges such as the Fighter Diet Men's Challenge 2015, Discipline Your Dedication 2016, Discipline Your Dedication 2017 and the 1st FD Military Challenge.

I have been a ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition since 2013. I discovered Pauline and the Fighter Diet Concept in 2014 and have been following the meal plans, using the supplements and following various workout routines from the EBooks ever since! I am looking forward to helping out as much as I can so if you have any questions, no matter how big or small, please do not hesitate to tag myself and the coaches!

Use discount code CoachSantino for 10% off EBook purchases from

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