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The Fighter Diet - Printed

The Fighter Diet - Printed


The Fighter Diet, this is my must have book!

You think you know Fighter Diet? If you do not have this book you actually don't!

Learn about treats, refeeds, how to design your own menu, tons of faq and information about a bunch of topics!

Here's the solution for you who like to eat a lot but not look like you do!

Prevent overeating by overeating with Fighter Diet!

Say Goodbye to fad diets you can't stick to more than a week. Fighter Diet is a lifestyle for us who want to be lean, fit, healthy and not hungry.

Everyone who's been on a diet knows the real problem is you never feel satisfied. You are constantly starving and no matter how disciplined you are it's just impossible to stick to the diet long enough to get chiseled and defined from top to toe.

With Fighter Diet you will not feel deprived anymore. Enjoy healthy & hearty meals which kick sugar cravings in the butt and promote a faster metabolism.

When hunger is completely curbed, you can easily stick to your diet for life!

In this book you learn:
* What to eat and why
* Why clean eating can keep you fat
* How to conquer cravings
* How to design meal plans for your goals as well as menus to use
* How to practice refeeds to boost fat loss 
* Nutrient timing to increase muscle growth
* The difference between treats vs cheats
* Information about macronutrients
* Lots more essential tips for a lean physique

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