It Takes a Bit of Crazy

It Takes a Bit of Crazy

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It Takes a Bit of Crazy

I created Fighterdiet out of pure necessity to have a system which allowed me to be lean all year round without going nuts.

Our brains are trained to interpret a hard shredded body as a healthy body, we want to believe that a shredded physique comes from healthy wholesome eating habits, moderate training frequency and lots of rest days for plenty of recovery.

We want to believe that what our eyes see as “perfect but not too much or too extreme” is just that: nothing extreme and or hard to obtain and maintain. Well, it does not work like that.

I never stated I see myself as a ‘perfect’ role model for health and fitness. I’ve always been honest with what I’m into: extremes. I love defined muscle. I don’t want a thick body fat insulation layer on top of my hard earned muscle.

I don’t eat for pleasure, I eat for results. I learned to love the food that loves my goals. Just because I was born with a slow metabolism and a chubby built, should I quit and say oh, fitness and defined muscles are not for me?

I love what I do. But what I do is extreme. My physique is simply my way of self expression. It’s not what the body always wants, it’s what my mind and soul desire. What it takes me to get where I want, that’s what I do. Nothing less.

While walking this fine line of too much too often, overstepping my body’s integrity, I support it by leading a healthy life, making healthy choices. Everything taken to the extreme can be a poison, so I picked my potential one and it happened to be fitness. Yes, I’m addicted to it and that’s why it’s my drug.

If you think I’m crazy, you may be right!

“Normal” individuals are not into extremes, but then who usually end up achieving personal goals? Yes, the crazy bastards! Nobody ever made it into the history books by being “normal and average”, remember that.

I don’t try to hide my background of eating disorders as a teen. I turned it into my strength. It’s my ace up my sleeve. Whatever experience in life which gives you discipline and dedication is worth it, just make sure you create a positive outcome.

You are free to think for yourself, do what you want, aspire to do whatever you like, achieve whatever you want. That’s what I’m here on this earth for, to do too.

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