My Experiences with Aging and Fitness

My Experiences with Aging and Fitness

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My Experiences with Aging and Fitness

Some people have a misconception about personal trainers. We struggle like everyone else. 

I have been in and out of the fitness industry for 16 years now

I love to workout…most days. I get tired, sore, unmotivated like the rest of you. I make myself workout on those days, because I know I will be in a better mental state once completed. Even if my workout felt like it was “my worst” one to date, I still feel better than I did before I started.

Now I am dealing with new changes in my workout performance and recovery due to age and hormones

Once upon a time, I was able to lift weights 7 days a week. My body recovered quickly. Today, I am 48, I can safely do 5 days…sometimes 6. Any more than that, my body doesn’t properly recover. As we age, the recovery time tends to change. Listen to your body. You want to push yourself, but not too far.

In addition to the longer recovery time, my hormones have been all over the place

I am now in perimenopause. Irregular cycles, weight gain in the mid-section, changes in mood, weird food cravings (weird for me anyway), and let’s not forget the beginning stages of arthritis to name a few of the changes.

My body rejected all synthetic hormones prescribed by my doctor. The only solution he had, continue working out and eating healthy. In his opinion, this is just as effective as the hormone replacement therapy. 

A proper nutritional diet and exercise helps your body inside and out…in the short-term and for the long haul.

You cannot deny it. You may get frustrated with the changes your body is handing you.

Some days are better than others. Just keep trying. Your body will appreciate each healthy day you have.

– Christine Scott (Fighterdiet Coach)


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