About Pauline Nordin

Pauline Abs

Pauline born in Sweden resides in Los Angeles

Pauline's career as a personal trainer caught the attention of the producers for the Nordic version of “Biggest Loser.” She was the trainer, diet coach, and the leader for the Swedish team, leading her team and country to victory in the Biggest Loser show. 

Pauline left Sweden and moved to America to pursue her dreams.
In California, Pauline authored Fighter Diet, an unconventional fitness system for a lean body that brought her fans and attention in the United States. 

Pauline's social media following increased to millions of fans. 

Together with top photographer Pavel Ythjall, Pauline broke new ground with "The Girls Are Back". the most popular muscle magazine feature series in history. 

Pauline appeared in features and covers of American fitness magazines,  on billboards on Time Square in NYC and advertisements, which highlight her tough but effective no-nonsense style. 

Pauline is also the star of  workout video “The Butt Bible” by NBC/Universal.

In 2015 Pauline Nordin launched her Fighter Diet Challenge, helping  tens of thousands of women take charge of their heath.

Today Pauline runs a multi-million dollar company focused on helping people help themselves. Her pursuit and passion to Defat America is on 24/7 and Pauline's energy and drive never fades. 

Pauline Nordin is certified by the CISSN and PRO PTA and the NSCA.

About Fighterdiet

Fighter Diet is about igniting the fight within, to find strength in your soul to push past the comfort zone

Fighter Diet is a lifestyle for us who feel fitness is an uphill battle, but we want it so we fight for it.

Fighter Diet is training for the mind, which quite magically colors all other areas of your life.

Fighter Diet teaches you how to have confidence, to fight for your beliefs, to put high value on yourself and others.

Fighter Diet is not about looks or having a sexy body. The sexy, fit body is just a side effect and a ripple effect of what you do. Day in and day out. 

If you want a change, transform your mind and body and soul, I welcome you to join my challenge. 

provide the tools, I provide the support. You just show up and follow orders. 

You are all at my greatest interest. You are my investments. You are my fitness children. 

I want you to see what you can do, so my internal perception of what you can be about if you put your heart and mind to it, is what you see too. 

Welcome to Fighter Diet.

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