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Detox is to be taken once daily. Take two pills with any meal morning, afternoon, or night.

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Our formula supports a healthy liver, helping you process toxins from your body! This can be taken with any other arrangement of supplements you are currently taking.

3 reviews for Detox
  1. Leonora Lemieux

    I’m loving my first bottle, Great price and quality! Love all natural ingredients. Less supplements I have to take, I get all the good stuff in one.

  2. Maria

    Before taking detox I always had some discolouration on certain areas on my lower body ever since giving birth to my twins . I started taking detox about 3 weeks ago and the results have been amazing !! The dark patches on my skin have gone down dramatically and my skin has been showing to be much clearer. I’m going to be sad when it’s all gone I will definitely be ordering this product again. Pauline’s supplements are great quality and give fantastic results.

  3. Shan sweeney

    I love love love detox helps with my bones overall I feel better.. awesome products!!!

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