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Take 3 capsules daily morning, afternoon, or night with food.

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Fight or Flight is a supplement that will add Adaptogens to your daily intake and balance cortisol levels. This can result in increased performance, relieving stress, and many other benefits. This can be taken with your regular supplement intake routine

9 reviews for Fight or Flight
  1. Stephanie

    I love Fight or Fight it has helped me sleep better and throughout the night. I haven’t slept this well in years. With RA it also helped me stay calm, relaxed and stress free throughout the daytime along with Less Inflammation. I love the extra energy and focus I get so I can focus more on my workouts with out the added stress. Thanks Pauline for FIGHT or FLIGHT it is a AMAZING!!

  2. Karen Sheffield

    I LOVE this product! It literally works like a “chill pill” for me. I have my anxious moments and I definitely feel calmer on it. My sleep has also improved. I will be buying it for years to come! <3

  3. Jackie

    Since I have started using this product I find that I sleep much better thur the night. I wake up not feeling tired at all. I love it. I ordered another bottle already.

  4. Michelle Evans

    LOVE this product. I struggle with sleep, this has helped to regulate my sleep pattern. I have been sleeping through the night now! I also feel like I’m more calm and less stressed.

  5. Jeanette S

    I have been using Fight or Flight for a week. I absolutely love it!! I have had trouble sleeping for years. Since I started using Fight or Flight I’ve had deep sleep and wake up rested. During the day I am more able to deal with stress that I’ve been dealing with. Definitely ordering again!!

  6. Amy R.

    I have been taking Fight or Flight for nearly two months. I quickly noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep, I am sleeping more soundly and when morning comes I wake up feeling rested and ready for the day. In the past I would hit the snooze button over and over again, and my sleep patterns were terrible. I feel less stressed and more productive since starting to take Fight or Flight. I highly recommend this supplement!

  7. Michele Burch

    Amazing product!!! Not only does it help me sleep, but little things that used to make me anxious/nervous don’t even phase me anymore. I have had so many stressers this past month and this amazing supplement has helped me through it all.

  8. Mereseini kirikiti

    Been taken Fight or Flight for weeks now and slept like a baby like in long time. It’s was a great deal help when I had a seasonal cold and flu with lots of calmness and energy throughout the day.Awesome Pauline Nordin!

  9. Enrique Bustos

    Ok… fight or flight is awesome.. I don’t get more sleep but the Quality of it is beyond expectation.. when I woke up I feel so RELAX and every day I have to change pillow case because the amount of saliva I drop during my sleep.. good product Miss Nordin..

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