Our Superfoods + Collagen blend serving suggestion is 1-2 scoops a day. Take with a meal to suppress hunger and feel full longer. Drink between meals for appetite control!

Superfoods is a great way to increase your intake of greens! This natural, anti-aging supplement can be combined with any of your daily supplements.

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × 3.5 in
10 reviews for Superfoods Greens & Collagen (Chocolate)
  1. Jess Beth

    Received this delicious collagen/greens Sunday and all I can say to the flavor is freaking wow!!!! I’ve tried many brands and this taste by far my favorite. It has a fruit flavor, can’t really pin point the exact flavor but yum

  2. Christina Adams

    I love the taste of this product! And the fact that it’s greens (superfood) and collagen in one is a win win for me!! I have it daily and look forward to drinking it while making my dinner.

  3. Mary Ellen Baguiao

    Love it’s taste and mix ability. No clumps and delicious too

  4. susy

    FighterDiet has the most amazing products and the creator Pauline has put together the most outstanding programs! All of them help you get the results you want or need!! I approve all of her supplements!

  5. Caroline Feightner

    Tastes fantastic! Collagen with greens makes a perfect pair. I can’t say enough great things about this brand. Simply the best.

  6. PA

    Everyday I start my day with a glass of collagen and greens. The taste is awesome, I mix it with Fighterdiet Vanilla whey. This is one of the best products Pauline Nordin has given us!! A Must have in your health food arsenal.

  7. Micah B. Bertrand

    I have tried so many collagen and/or greens supplements, but this one is perfect! The flavor (berry) is pretty darn good, and it mixes well with pretty much anything you’d like to put it in! Thank you, Pauline & Fighterdiet, for creating this product. I’ll definitely be reordering!

  8. vballP71

    Two in one product! Taste is pretty good. What I love the most is that there’s no junk in it. Definitely recommend this product.

  9. Laladm

    I’ve been taking it everyday since it arrived. I really like the taste and drink it every morning. I have noticed my nails seem to be much stronger and shinny. They are also growing a lot faster. Curious to see the benefits after using it for several months

  10. jeremy goler

    Every time I buy something that has green healthy stuff is disgusting. I wasted my water on this product. Maybe it will be better mixed in a protein shake. Took one sip and this REALLY tested my gag reflex. Acquired taste I guess…
    Update: I actually can tolerate the taste of this in my protein shakes. With doing this it is an acquired taste to me. However, I drink every morning after my workouts and I love my results. I am becoming more sculpted and define. I fell for the hype, and I am happy I did. Game changer!!!

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