Take Whey Protein anytime before or after your workout. Suggested use is 1-2 times a day depending on your current meal plan and body goals.

Whey Protein can be paired with any other supplement you are currently taking. It can also be used in recipes and as a substitute for creamer in your coffee!

10 reviews for Whey Protein (Chocolate)

    Great body of flavor ,not heavy , or chalky and get great results. I tried many over the years but once i tried this i never parted from this brand. Never will. Love it!!!! Thank you Pauline❤

  2. Laura C

    I really like the taste of this and will be getting more soon!

  3. Andi D.

    This is seriously the most smooth whey I have tried. No gross chunks hanging around for me to gag on. I just mix it with a little bit of ice and water in my shaker cup, and it’s a delicious and quick chocolate milk treat. And with the recent drop in price, it can’t be beat with it’s amazing quality.

  4. Sylvia “Kat” Clausen

    I am in love with this Whey!! I don’t know how I managed without it? Use it in my porridge & drink it postworkout. My body loves it along with my tastebuds. Best Whey to get WHEYsted!!

  5. Jessica Larlee

    Taste is amazing, it mixes so easy. Doesn’t gel up like I’ve had some store brands do. Love when I crave chocolate I can mix up a shake or make the chocolate bran. It keeps me going when I need the extra protein to get me through my day

  6. Monica booth

    This whey protein is the easiest to mix and digest. It does not gel up when put with my favorite oat bran or separate when added to water.

  7. Chrissie McGinnis

    I’d been “playing around” with macro numbers for about a year, and before starting the Fighterdiet (3 weeks ago) I had been doing cyclical Keto for 10 months. It seems like all of a sudden, everything is shifting into the right place. I was stuck doing the same exercises and my body was adapting to my diet- that’s why I knew I needed to switch things up and decided on the Fd challenge. SO glad I did!!!

  8. Nikki Lewis

    I absolutely love this product. The flavor is delicious in any liquid you mix it with. It has definitely curved my chocolate cravings and will be purchasing more flavors in the near future.

  9. laura

    Really smooth chocolate flavor, mixes well in water and tastes amazing. Thank you for lowering the price. I appreciate that.

  10. Erin Layla

    This is truly the best protein powder out there..It tastes Amazing mixes like no other…not a lump in site….Delicious added to oat bran and Cocoa powder..Give it a go and I promise you wont ever change again…

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