Take Whey Protein anytime before or after your workout. Suggested use is 1-2 times a day depending on your current meal plan and body goals.

Whey Protein can be paired with any other supplement you are currently taking. It can also be used in recipes and as a substitute for creamer in your coffee!

10 reviews for Whey Protein (Vanilla)
  1. Yaz

    Love the flavor and no after taste

  2. Carolyn Rivera

    I love how easy it mixes with other things and it tastes great.

  3. Kdawgz21

    Amazing real vanilla flavor. Tastes like vanilla ice cream not that artificial vanilla flavor. All of the Fighter Diet powders taste amazing! The ingredients are all labeled and real without “proprietary blends”

  4. fgt

    Best protein powder there is!

  5. J. Caulfield

    This stuff mixes so easily and Pauline has kept the funky chunky out of the mix. This really is a smooth protein powder that is not sickeningly sweet.
    Compared with so many others, what you get is worth the purchase.
    Check out the ingredients list and see what is there and what is NOT there.

  6. cary303

    This is by far the best vanilla flavored protein I have ever had. I’ve been using the FD Vanilla for 3 years now and this product remains at the top of my list. I am thrilled that it’s finally on Amazon. Anyway, it dissolves like a champ in water and yogurt—who knew!—and makes for a tasty, yet healthy, treat.

  7. Laladm

    I hate the taste of most protein powders and fighter diet brand is the only one I like and will buy! Mix it in to my foods and drink as a shake. I like the chocolate too.

  8. Sara B.

    I love the Fighter Diet protein powder. I’ve only ordered chocolate up until a couple weeks ago. I was afraid to try the vanilla because in the past with other brands I hated the artificial weird flavor of vanilla protein powders. I was NOT disappointed. I’m super happy to have it available on Amazon and I love the new packaging. I also feel comfortable adding this protein powder to smoothies I make for my kids because there aren’t crazy ingredients in it. Thank you, Pauline, for providing these great products.

  9. A.RIP

    I use protein powder every day and have therefore tried a lot of different brands. This is my favorite because it has a short list of ingredients, is relatively low in calories and tastes great. I use it in my coffee every morning, in green smoothies, to make shakes and also add it to my oat bran breakfast. I make sure to never run out.

  10. Tatiana

    It is hard for a woman to find good protein powder that not too heavy on a stomach, have no artificial ingredients and does the job. There are so many on a market today and I think over years I have tried almost all better ones. Unfortunately none of them ever worked out. Most upset my stomach and some I can not drink on a regular bases, as they tasted artificial and unpleasant after a few weeks. Until I have found Pauline’s protein powder. I absolutely love it, it is my one and only “ go to” powder now. I am drinking it in the morning after the gym and it fills me up as a perfect and delicious breakfast. As woman on a go this is perfect for me, great time saver and money saver. I take it on trips as meal substitute when I have no healthy food choices around me, on conferences, workshops, long airport travels, vacation, you name it. I never get tired of the flavor ( I love vanilla). It is so mind. I mix it just with water, my husband love to drink it with almond milk, banana and some ice blended. Pauline, thank you so much for an amazing clean and delicious powder. Best out there. Period.

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