Whey Chocolate Protein


Protein is essential for building lean muscle!

Whey is the greatest protein on earth due to its health promoting compounds and muscle building branched chain amino acids. It's also high in cysteine which is known for preventing cancer and liver disease.

Whey is a natural appetite suppressant which is truly helpful when you want to get lean or maintain a lean physique.

The market is over flooded with protein powders, but how can you know what those powders are made of? I never felt safe with the tubs filled with “unknown” substances or amino acid spiking to increase the protein percentage.That’s how I looked at it.

My Fighter Diet whey is made without artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, GMO soy, fructose, sugar alcohols, or plain sugar with health-sounding names.

It took long time to find the right formula, but now it’s here and I’m very proud of it!

In short, whey is a super food!

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