Goosegump and Pauline


Goosegump & Pauline
Goosegump & Pauline
instill healthy values in your child for only $15.00

Transforming your Life

Is Goosegump real? Goosegump is a 14 year old shelter cat. Pauline and Goosegump found each other 4 years ago and haven't been apart since.

Goosegump, like Pauline wants all cats and little humans to be healthy and strong and that is why he co-wrote this book with Pauline.

All sales go 100% to

Goosegump is supporting Air Force Major Katherine Portillo who December 5th 2015 was involved in a terrible car accident. Major Portillo saved the lives of her co passengers, Pavel Ythjall and Elizabeth and was between life and death until finally stabilizing. Katherine was expected to live in a hospital bed having machines breathe for her for the rest of her life but fought back!

Kat is today breathing on her own, eating on her own and fighting for mobility! Kat now attends the private state of the art rehab facility NEXT STEP 3 times a week and your funds will make her possible to continue. Kat is today a quadraplegic (can not move arms or legs).

Support her FIGHT just like Goosegump does.

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