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The Food Pyramid
The Food Pyramid FD PRO The Food Pyramid The Food Pyramid The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid

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Fighter Diet is a lifestyle for us who want to be fit, lean and not hungry.

The Pyramid book features a large variety of foods for a healthy and fit body.

Learn about how to choose the right carbs, fats and protein sources for your personal fitness goals!

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The Fighter Diet system is based on the rule prevent overeating by overeating which allows you to enjoy nutritious, satisfying meals and kill all cravings for junk food! Lose fat and build muscle the smart way with this informative guide. Put an end on starving to achieve and maintain a lean physique.

Prevent overeating by overeating means that you get to eat a lot of food. Fghter Diet emphasizes vegetables which has few calories allowing you to eat a lot of food. 

This ebook is for you who:

* Struggle with seeing muscle definition despite clean eating.

* Want to learn how to refeed to bust through fat loss plateaus.

* Want to get healthy inside out.

* Are tired of yoyo dieting and ravenous hunger pangs.

* Want to learn how to stay lean for life.

27 pages in PDF format, printable and viewable on your computer, phone or any mobile device.

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