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  1. FighterDiet VIP

    Fighterdiet VIP Group

    This is the Facebook group where I, Pauline, will be and YOU can interact with ME. 

    The Facebook group is ONLY open for VIP members and limited to 1000 members to keep it personal.

    I am also offering:

    * When u buy a full year of VIP u also get access to 4 challenges! You can join all 4 challenges per year included in the VIP price! (a value of 240$)
    * Live Q&A with me.
    * Pick my brain about your fitness journey.
    * My daily workouts posted.
    * Video tips on exercise technique.
    * Fighter Diet exclusive recipes.
    * New friends in a closed supportive community.
    * Continuous education about Fighter Diet.
    * Special VIP offers and savings on supplements and ebooks.

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    MONTHLY - $29.99

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