What to Tell Your Kids About ‘Diet’

What to Tell Your Kids About ‘Diet’

What to Tell Your Kids About ‘Diet’ 560 350 Pavel Ythjall Pavel Ythjall

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What to Tell Your Kids About ‘Diet’

Don’t ask me where it went wrong, but back when I grew up there was no option to eat candy during the week, only on Saturday the candy day. Eating junk food isn’t a child right and you the parent need to lead, not be ‘best buddy’ who sneaks in sugary snacks to your kid!Why not make your whole family healthier?

It starts with what you put on the table!

Explain to your kid that you choose healthy food for a healthy body. Downplay weight loss, fat loss or grabbing fat rolls if you got them to show them what got to go. During weekends, show them your big Fighterdiet meals so they see you do not starve on mini meals.

Meal by Pauline Nordin. 

No kid considers big meals ‘mom wants to lose weight’

Tell your daughters about the health benefits of healthy food and show your muscles off! Kids love muscles. When meal prepping, just add a few items to your kids to make their meals higher in calories and nutrients they need but you don’t: more nuts, more fruit, add their serving of higher calorie veggies like potatoes, nuts, berries, fruit etc. Include your kids in the kitchen. Show them how to cook healthy meals. Be creative! Make “fun” foods by putting a little face on a potato, give an apple ears with a couple of toothpicks etc.

Healthy dessert by Pauline Nordin. 

Invite your kids to work out with you
My video workouts in the Body by Pauline app are excellent for this! Your kids will laugh! Focus on affirming ‘strong’, “healthy’, “energized’, ‘happy’, ‘feel good in my body’ etc rather than ‘feel gross’, ‘depressed’, ‘I’m fat’ etc.

Do all you can too separate ‘feeling fat and ugly’ and ‘diet. Never tell your child you are fat, you’re ugly, you’re not good enough etc: they will copy your behavior for life.

In summary, make fitness the lifestyle of your family and you do your whole family a huge favor!

They will cry, they will be angry, they will call you mean, but in the end…they will thank you for life.And that… is what a mother’s job is.

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