“You are Crazy to Work Out so Early!”

“You are Crazy to Work Out so Early!”

“You are Crazy to Work Out so Early!” https://fighterdiet.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Danielle-Thumbnail.jpg 560 350 Pavel Ythjall Pavel Ythjall https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/3536b75682e44e3ed577bfbf1c964170?s=96&d=mm&r=g

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“You are Crazy to Work Out so Early!”

“Wow you must be dedicated ?”

You have a vacation coming up?”

The lines I get from people when they hear I go to the gym at 3.45 am. Some ask why? The only answer I have is … it’s part of my routine for fitness. Then people comment they could never get up that early. My response to that is, yes you can! If you are dedicated enough!

I am awoken out of a dead sleep in my comfy warm bed, by my blaring alarm and my wrist watch screaming at me at 3.15 a.m. I groggily sit up, and lay back down after hitting snooze. I don’t go back to sleep. I mentally prepare for my workout.

What goals am I going to inch towards today? What flavor protein shake will I have?  What leggings and top? As I think, 9 minutes go by and my alarm goes off again. I am up!

I take a quick pee and brush my teeth. I get into my workout clothes and shoes. I head to the kitchen and shake up my protein/creatine and I take my multivitamin that has caffeine! I kiss my sleeping husband goodbye and I get to the gym around 345 , map of my workout in hand, and I go in with determination to kick ass!

I have conditioned myself to do this!

I have made this my habit. My goal is to be fit and to get stronger and leaner. Everyday I get one step closer!  My morning routine gets me to my goals! If you make excuses why you CAN’T go to the gym or workout , then you are taking the easy way out! Sometimes it takes sacrifice, hard work, planning and even missing out on social or personal stuff.

The fact is you CAN get a workout in, it’s a matter of balance and scheduling yourself for a time that works for you! 3,45 am works best for me!

Danielle Gaylord age 36, 5’11”

I started my journey at weight 208 lbs and currently weigh in at 176 lbs.

– Danielle 🙂

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