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  1. The Challenges
    Giselle WON!
  2. Fitness Motivation , Muscle
    If you think I was always lean naturally, guess again!
  3. Fitness Motivation
    Trying to get pregnant and lose weight?
  4. Workouts
    5 tips for LEAN LEGS
  5. Muscle
    5 tips for LEAN LEGS
  6. The Challenges
    One Year Difference
  7. Fitness Motivation
    50+ and going STRONG!
  8. The Challenges
    Winners of DYD challenge!
  9. Fitness Motivation
    Fighter Diet "Secret Formula"
  10. The Challenges
    Keo, 57 years old, WON a Challenge!
  11. Diet
    How HONEY stays LEAN!
  12. Fitness Motivation
    Two Kinds of People
  13. The Challenges
    Our Challenges - 20,000 a year DO IT!
  14. Muscle
    Fighter Diet Muscle GROWTH
  15. The Challenges
  16. Diet , Fat Loss
    Fighter Diet - The DIET for EVERYONE
  17. Fitness Motivation
    I don't like to have a plan B
  18. Diet , Muscle
    10 Fitness Truths NOBODY Likes To Accept
  19. The Challenges
    Overweight? 10 reasons you SHOULD DO WHAT I DO
  20. Muscle
    10 reasons you're not that muscular
  21. Fitness Motivation
    Motivation Comes and Goes
  22. Fitness Motivation
    10 RULES for A HAPPY Life
  23. Diet
    Will Alcohol KILL Your Gains?
  24. The Challenges
    "Fit-ish", fitness and pizza
  25. Fitness Motivation
    If you DON'T see results.....Can you say YES to the 10?
  26. Muscle
    10 Ways To Maximize Your Workout
  27. The Challenges
    The 10 step PROCESS of a body transformation
  28. Fitness Motivation
    10 REASONS you need to BELIEVE you can GET FIT
  29. The Challenges
    10 reasons why I host Fitness Challenges
  30. The Challenges , Fitness Motivation
    Mayas Transformation
  31. The Challenges , Fitness Motivation
    I got sick of MY BULLSHIT!
  32. Fitness Motivation
    Fighter Diet Truths (a MUST READ)
  33. Muscle
    How many calories will your new muscle gains BURN?
  34. Workouts
    Why cardio is not for everyone and how to know if you should do any at all!
  35. Muscle
    Caffeine: friend or foe for a lean physique
  36. Fitness Motivation
    Why do women want to be thin?
  37. Fitness Motivation
    10 mistakes I see you do that stops you from getting results!
  38. Diet
    10 FAT LOSS FADS you MUST AVOID at all costs
  39. Fitness Motivation , Workouts
    Paulines Ab Workout (Video)
  40. Diet
    Fighter Diet & Losing Fat
  41. Diet
    Considering JOINING Build & Burn?
  42. Fat Loss
    10 Laws of Getting LEAN
  43. Fitness Motivation , Fat Loss
    Fighter Diet: Lean by Keep it Simple
  44. Fitness Motivation , The Challenges , Muscle
    Skinny Fat to BUFF & RIPPED
  45. The Challenges
    Rebecca Scott's Story
  46. Fitness Motivation , The Challenges
    Andrea Chan, a Fighter Diet Warrior & Winner!
  47. Fitness Motivation
    Consistency is KEY
  48. Fitness Motivation
    Therapy for the soul
  49. The Challenges
    10 Tips For A SUCCESSFUL Body Transformation
  50. Diet
    Intermittent fasting for a LEAN BODY?
  51. The Challenges
    Unsure About Joining My Challenge?
  52. Diet
    Eating out? 10 traps to Avoid!
  53. Fitness Motivation
    10 MYTHS about Fighter Diet
  54. Beginner
    OFFER for Beginners - The Starter Pak!
  55. Fitness Motivation
    Facebook V.I.P
  56. Fitness Motivation
    Fitness Self-Medication
  57. Diet
    Fighter Diet What & When to Eat
  58. Fitness Motivation
    10 TYPICAL fitness things I do NOT
  59. Fitness Motivation , Muscle
    11 Things About Women Who Train Hard
  60. Diet
    5 reasons why it's better to follow a diet PLAN than "go by feel"