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  1. Muscle
    5 TIPS for LEAN LEGS
  2. Fitness Motivation , Muscle
    If you think I was always lean naturally, guess again!
  3. Fitness Motivation
    Trying to get pregnant and lose weight?
  4. Workouts
    5 TIPS for LEAN LEGS
  5. Diet
    Considering joining a FIGHTERDIET CHALLENGE?
  6. Fitness Motivation
    50+ and going STRONG!
  7. Fitness Motivation
    Fighter Diet "Secret Formula"
  8. The Challenges
    Winners of DYD challenge!
  9. The Challenges
    Keo, 57 years old, WON a Challenge!
  10. Fitness Motivation
    Two Kinds of People
  11. The Challenges
    Giselle WON!
  12. Muscle
    Fighter Diet Muscle GROWTH
  13. Fitness Motivation , The Challenges
    Andrea Chan, a Fighterdiet Challenger & Winner!
  14. The Challenges
  15. The Challenges
    "Fit-ish", fitness and pizza
  16. The Challenges
    Overweight? 10 reasons you should do what I do
  17. Diet , Muscle
    10 Fitness Truths NOBODY Likes To Accept
  18. Diet
    Will Alcohol KILL Your Gains?
  19. Fitness Motivation
    Why do women want to be thin?
  20. The Challenges
    Is it really a 'challenge' I host with Fighterdiet?
  21. Muscle
    10 Ways To Maximize Your Workout
  22. Fitness Motivation
    TOO TIRED ...
  23. The Challenges
    Unsure About Joining My Challenge?
  24. Beginner , Fat Loss
    Are you Overweight? 10 reasons why you SHOULD DO WHAT I DO!
  25. Fitness Motivation
    10 RULES for A HAPPY Life
  26. The Challenges
    Transform YOU!
  27. The Challenges
    The 10 step PROCESS of a body transformation
  28. The Challenges , Fitness Motivation
    I got sick of MY BULLSHIT!
  29. Fitness Motivation
    My name is Pauline
  30. Diet
    Fighter Diet What & When to Eat
  31. Fitness Motivation
    If you DON'T see results.....Can you say YES to the 10?
  32. The Challenges
    10 tips For A SUCCESSFUL Body Transformation
  33. Fitness Motivation
    You get to EAT A LOT
  34. Fitness Motivation
    Fitness Self-Medication
  35. Fitness Motivation
    Golden Physique Moments
  36. Fitness Motivation
    Since February 20th 1999
  37. Diet
    10 Resons Why VEGGIES Are My Carbs For Dinner
  38. Diet
    10 HEALTH Reasons to Build Muscle and Burn Fat
  39. Diet
    How to get rid of Water Retention
  40. Diet , Fat Loss
    Why don't I lose weight when I count my calories every day?
  41. Diet
    Junk food is seldom what keeps fitness people flabby
  42. Diet
    When to eat your carbs in relation to your workout
  43. Fitness Motivation
    10 reasons why NO other diet is for me than Fighterdiet
  44. Fitness Motivation
    You know why I created Fighter Diet?
  45. Diet
    Intermittent fasting for a LEAN BODY?
  46. Fat Loss
    How much cardio should you do?
  47. The Challenges
    Let me present you a list of reasons why you should join....then we can talk about it :)
  48. Muscle
    10 Things I Do for My Legs & Glutes
  49. Fitness Motivation
    There’s a lot of pressure on women about our looks and body ideals
  50. Muscle , Beginner
    10 Muscle Rules for the Skinny Fat
  51. Diet
    How to calculate your macros for results
  52. Fitness Motivation
    Where did all the energy go? And what to do!
  53. Fitness Motivation
    10 reasons Why I do Fighter Diet
  54. Fat Loss
    10 tips on how to melt belly fat without ab workouts or cardio!
  55. Muscle
    12 ways to gain more MUSCLE
  56. Diet
    6 KETO things people tell me and what my thoughts are.....
  57. Fitness Motivation
    10 mistakes I see you do that stops you from getting results!
  58. Fitness Motivation , Muscle
    11 Things About Women Who Train Hard
  59. Diet
  60. Beginner
    10 Ways to Get Out of a FAT LOSS Plateau!
  61. Diet
    10 FAT LOSS FADS you MUST AVOID at all costs
  62. Fat Loss
    Women usually "forget" or choose to selectively acknowledge we can't grow muscle eating nothing ...
    10 rules of staying lean!
  64. The Challenges
    What's different in the next challenge?
  65. Today I trained arms & cardio
  66. Fitness Motivation
    Things and obvious TRUTHS
  67. Fitness Motivation
    10 Fitness Mistakes and FIXES
  68. Workouts
    Why cardio is not for everyone and how to know if you should do any at all!
  69. Muscle
    Caffeine: friend or foe for a lean physique
  70. Fitness Motivation
    Women have about 1/10th
  71. Diet
    Fighter Diet & Losing Fat
  72. The Challenges
    One Year Difference
  73. Fat Loss
    10 Laws of Getting LEAN
  74. Fitness Motivation , Fat Loss
    Fighter Diet: Lean by Keep it Simple
  75. Fitness Motivation , The Challenges , Muscle
    Skinny Fat to BUFF & RIPPED
  76. Muscle
    Volume, volume, volume!
  77. Fitness Motivation
    Don’t ask why YOU. Ask why not you?
  78. Muscle
    How to build muscle in 10 steps
  79. Workouts
    7 tips on how to maximize your natural bodybuilding gains
  80. Diet
  81. The Challenges
    Rebecca Scott's Story
  82. Fitness Motivation
    When I created Fighterdiet
  83. Fitness Motivation
    Consistency is KEY
  84. Fitness Motivation
    Why you have to believe in yourself when nobody else does
  85. Diet
    Eating out? 10 traps to Avoid!
  86. Fat Loss
    Fastest Cardio The Best to Get Shredded?
  87. The Challenges , Fitness Motivation
    Mayas Transformation
  88. 10 "Welcome to Reality" Things About NUTRITION
  89. Diet
    How to survive a major junk food urge!
  90. The Challenges
    10 reasons why I host Fitness Challenges

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