23 reviews for VIP Fitness Coaching with Pauline Nordin
  1. Michelle Cerda

    Working one on one with Pauline has been that game changing element I needed!
    She helped get my nutrition aligned with my goal! She helped set me up with a training schedule based on what I wanted to achieve- no cookie cutter routines! Everything was customized for ME!
    Pauline did weekly check ins with me and asked how things were going; was I progressing- not only seeing change but feeling it, what was my hunger like, was I eating the right foods to get me closer and closer to MY goal! And I love everything I eat! The recipe app comes in handy with all the options and flavors available to pick from!
    Not once did I feel like just another client! I always felt like my time with her was MY time and mine ALONE!
    And I reached my goal! I went even further than I thought I ever could!

  2. Cara Knapp (verified owner)

    I have recently signed up for Pauline’s VIP training. At first I thought that the 30 minute weekly sessions 1:1 was all it was going to be about. However, that is not the case. Pauline has reached out to me in between sessions and we have had mini coaching sessions via text and messenger. Little pointers here and there on some of my food choices and what I should be looking at. Her words are always encouraging and she is there helping me stay accountable to my goals I expressed to her. Never no type of scolding just educating me so I can make better choices for myself. She has requested quick check-ins so she gets the opportunity to offer guidance and encouragement as needed. Everyone is busy and we all never have enough time to fit everything in. However, so far, Pauline has some system down that allows her to be there for me. I think Pauline will be your biggest cheerleader for all of your fitness and health goals. It took me a long time sitting on the sidelines of several challenges to get enough bravery to go face to face with her to get individual coaching. I have not regretted it. She is more than a just a coach. She can be your true partner in helping you fine tune and customize your journey so you embrace it, enjoy it, and celebrate it. Consider her coaching as an opportunity to learn and grow mentally, physiologically, intellectually, and physically on your health and fitness journey. I really do not see the 1:1 coaching as a waste a time. It is what we all put into something is what will get out of it.

  3. Talal alrasheed

    Pauline is the best trainer I’ve ever seen . The moment I found out she does personal vip training I jumped all over it . She has so much passion .she listens to what you need . It’s not generic , she adapts to what you need and that is a big deal when u want to not only loose weight but keep it off . My favorite thing about why Pauline is so awesome is she has so much dedication to her craft , she won’t let u fail .

  4. Anita Ruiz

    I recently won a free 30min session with Pauline. We talked about nutrition as it is something I struggle with still. Pauline was very helpful in getting me to be honest about what I am eating as I thought I was following her plan but in reality I was self sabotaging myself by not measuring out my food and keeping track of what I was eating. I highly recommend people if they’re serious and willing to put in the work to have Pauline as their personal trainer. You not only get her a a trainer but you also gain her as a friend who won’t sugarcoat anything for you. Yes she’s blunt, and honest which makes her the ideal trainer for anyone to have because someone has to tell us the truth on why we’re not seeing results and she’s the woman to do it. I really enjoyed my 30min session it really kickstarted my brain to stop making excuses and really plan out my nutritional needs by scheduling and setting alerts to remind me when to eat and what I’m going to eat from now on. Thank you Pauline you’re the best, and I’m fighter diet for life.

  5. Lina Flores (verified owner)

    My one-on-one session with Coach Pauline was exactly what I needed!! We discussed my nutrition and training. I was able to set my goals. Coach Pauline helped me strategize with my high stress environment in neurosurgery. We made a plan on how to execute my goals and it was customized for me. I felt comfortable and safe. She took the time to explain to me the purpose of our plan. Coach Pauline is kind, cheers you on but gives it to you straight!! These sessions are great for beginners or advanced. Her knowledge and expertise to guide me as older menopausal female with rheumatoid arthritis and migraines has changed my life. If you are looking to invest in yourself, in your health or take your training to another level, then you need to book a session/sessions.

  6. Cassie Pease

    I had my one-on-one session with Pauline today, and it truly was so helpful and insightful! Pauline was truly welcoming, genuine and passionate through every part of the conversation. She asked what I wanted to focus on and i had 4 areas i really wanted to hone in on and she was completely open to all of them. She was just as excited as I was to talk about them!
    Her love for what she does and how much she cares was evident every step of the way. It was also evident i had her full attention every step of the way! She saw a clear path forward for every area/goal that i brought up to her, and she explained her thought process and logic behind it. I felt empowered and encouraged to ask questions! And when i did, it was met with reassurance and insight.
    I shared my kryptonite foods with her and – on the spot – she created a new meal for me to try! She shared work-arounds for injuries i have, and gave me milestones to aim for to achieve my goals.
    I felt completely at ease being open and honest about where I’ve been struggling and i felt truly supported. The examples she used were based on her own challenges pursuing her fitness and life dreams and it was so nice to have someone understand what you’re going through firsthand!
    Pauline truly listens to what you say, and created a plan tailored to you specifically to make your goals become possible. Pauline makes you feel capable and believed in. I cannot recommend her personal trainings/VIP sessions enough! I will definitely be signing up for more!

  7. Sarah Gonawabi

    I have always struggled with making myself a priority. Now with a 2 month old an a 6 year old at home I knew I needed the extra help to get myself moving. When I seen there was an opportunity for VIP training with Pauline I knew I had to sign up! I had worked with her in the past however never on a one on one personalized basis! I highly recommend Pauline to anyone struggling with their weight or anyone who needs that extra support an knowledge along their journey. Fighter diet in itself is a game changer! I was literally going to bite the bullet an prepare for bariatric surgery because I am tired of the yo yo dieting, not fully committing to myself or my goals. However, deep inside I know fighter diet is the way to go, to be able eat huge amounts of food that makes me feel great, full, satisfied and without the crazy cravings! On top of the diet, I love how Pauline personalizes time with me and focuses on building me up a program suited to my own abilities. I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity and look forward to my forever future with fighterdiet!

  8. Sophie Landry Mockler

    Hello ladies – today’s workout was July – back workout; July – core and July – shoulder workout. Then I did 40 minutes on the treadmill. I’m in a much better mood today!
    Yesterday I had the chance to talk with Pauline! OMG! The highlight of my month by FAR! I tried to take notes but then I couldn’t focus on what she was saying so I decided to just listen. I saw the notice that she would call me at the last minute and didn’t have time to prepare questions – but I will try to summarize our conversation the best I can and I’m sure I will forget things – sorry!
    So my problem was, in a way, the refeed. I did the refeed by counting the calories last Friday and it was good and everything. I was really stuffed though and I wondered if I needed that. Pauline said that I don’t have to refeed, but it’s important to reward myself once a week (by adding 500 calories) to make FD sustainable in the long term – gotta make yourself happy!
    I missed having my big salad (from local restaurant here – it’s more like a dragon bowl but I add 2 bags of salads to it) for refeed last week and she said to have it for my refeed (provided that it doesn’t start a tsunami) and that it’s important to know what makes me happy and to follow my guts, trust myself and make sure I get right back on track. She said it’s important to learn to eye my calories – calculate calories in the salad the best I can. I can ask the restaurant the amount of ingredients, bring a little scale if I need to get a baseline. She said to note my feelings, learn my biofeedback and see what works for ME. It’s normal to get hungrier when you lean out, the body will have a fight or flight reaction, but I just need to be consistent. If need be, I should reach out again and see if I should eat more calories on a regular day (if I get hungrier).
    My goal is to have lean abs – that’s actually the first thing Pauline asked me. She said I’m on track to do that and I should not go by the scale (still trying to do that – such a bad habit!). Pauline said that 1500 for my frame (5’2”) is absolutely ok to lose and/or maintain weight – it’s NOT too much!
    Pauline is so caring and really wants us to succeed – all we have to do is follow what she teaches us. She is also very very nice, and speaks a little bit of French on top of that! Anyway – we are lucky to have her and learn from her – she has so much knowledge! I will definitely do a personal coaching once I get a little closer to my goal

  9. Kym Andrews

    I’ve had the pleasure of working 1-1 with Pauline and let me just say WOW! She is a breath of fresh air! Her passion for her lifestyle and helping others is apparent as she is overflowing with knowledge and wants you to succeed. She provides tough love, calling it how it is, because she wants you to see reality and the work that is involved to reach your goals. There is no magic pill or powder or tea. Having a lean, strong body takes a lot of mental and physical dedication.
    Pauline speaks from experience and has maintained this lifestyle for her entire adult life. She focuses on nutrition, knowing you can’t just workout and cure a bad diet! She has a recipe app with menu plans that are easy to follow and supper yummy! She has workouts that are sustainable for life, not hours long gym workouts that the average person doesn’t have time to do!
    My time with Pauline lifted me up, showed me where I need to focus, and helped me set goals for MY journey. I highly recommend hiring to work with Pauline 1-1 so she can tailor to your specific needs, as we all have different body types, goals, injuries, lifestyles, etc. I am also so in love with the 8 week challenges and won’t miss a one! Challenges connect you with other woman on similar journeys who share their ups AND their downs together. I’ve even messaged the group while grocery shopping with a screenshot of a label looking for advise and someone answered right away, it was super helpful!
    I will no longer be jumping around looking for the “next best thing” and wasting my money on other products, challenges, bets, equipment, etc! I’ve found my HOME and am crushing my results! Thank you Pauline!!!! XOXO

  10. Roni Pye

    I have followed Pauline since 2011.

    I think I bought all her e books back then.. haha

    Fell on love with the fighterdiet concept when I was competing and STARVING.

    Since then I joined many challenges

    I love Paulines no nonsense approach to fitness and nutrition.

    She always upfront and calls us out on our own bs.. the lies we tell ourselves that prevent us from achieving our goals.

    I turned 52 and decided to take a more disciplined approach to my fitness.

    I was struggling with hormonal changes and Hashimotos.

    I needed the extra support and accountability.

    Pauline stepped up with the knowledge of thyroid disease and supplementation.

    Providing me the accountability and nutrition I need to get back to where I want to be.

    I am tired of the roller coaster and ready for a full time lifestyle commitment.

    I knew Pauline was the lady for me as she is the Queen of LEAN!


  11. Leah Faulkner (verified owner)

    Through the FD8 challenges and Pauline’s guidance, I’ve achieved a healthy, amazing body. I was ready to take my BODY and MIND to the next level because I want to keep refining and fortifying both.

    Pauline is a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE and from her decades of personal experience, she understands our struggle, where we need special attention and how to figure out what’s really standing in our way! Our sessions always leave me feeling like I have a solid plan in place, that I know just what to do, and that my goals are more clearly defined so I stay focused on the important aspects of fitness life.

    I recommend phone calls or video chats whether you’re just starting out and overwhelmed, you are ready to stop yo-yo rebounding, or you’re a fitness vet who just wants to keep it fresh, fun, and challenging!!

    Pauline is the BEST INVESTMENT in achieving your version of fitness paradise!

  12. Sophie L Mockler (verified owner)

    I had my very first VIP coaching yesterday and I’m really excited to have Pauline one on one with me to focus on my needs, lose those last few stubborn pounds and finally show the muscles I’ve been working for. I’m very far from fat, but I’ve been working hard without no improvement lately and felt I needed a little more. Having Pauline as a coach is very rewarding and comforting. She has so much knowledge, and she knows about so many joints and bone conditions that she is a real asset to my routine since I have a low bone density. Her methods have worked for me and for so many women, and I’m honestly not sure how I’ve been so lucky to find her!

  13. Teresa Grande (verified owner)

    Hello Fighter Diet Warriors,

    I had a private VIP session with Pauline for 30 minutes– and she was extremely kind and generous because she gave me a full hour of her time with no additional charge. This demonstrates her passion for fitness & health as well as her willingness to truly want to help others. She was kind, compassionate charismatic and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. She explained her system for success and walked me through how we could work together in an effort to help me achieve my fitness/ wellness goals and to end the cycle of the “all or nothing” mindset. She continued to follow up on me weeks after our initial session.
    I have competed in bikini shows in the past and was left completely lost and broken by coaches who did not have my best interest at the forefront of my prep. This caused me to have had many issues with food and my health (mental & physical) was getting damaged. I COMPLETELY TRUST Pauline to guide me so that I can continue to live this lifestyle, loving my training & my food, while honoring my body and embracing my personal power in the process. She helps me to believe in myself, because she believes in me. I have enrolled in 4 more VIP sessions and I am more motivated now than ever. I am willing to learn, practice and evolve because of this opportunity to work one on one with a mentor like Pauline whom I have admired for years.

  14. Kym Mable

    This review targets the VIP Messenger Group hosted by Pauline for 2 weeks starting 10/16/2023. If you ever see this sort of offering again – DO IT!

    Pauline is very respectful of herself and her time, setting work hours and sticking to them. You’ll hear from Pauline on weekends via her Podcasts, otherwise that is when she is usually “silent” from social meeting. This VIP Messenger Group, however, was SOOOOO much different! Pauline committed herself to the group for the entire 14-days straight! EVERY SINGLE DAY she checks in, provides tips, takes us grocery shopping with her virtually, on her walks virtually, sharing how she is starting and ending her day – she is present on and off all day long for the entire 14 days!

    If you are struggling to hold yourself accountable and be CONSISTENT with your nutrition and fitness, the VIP Messenger Group is for you! I am so IN LOVE with my body, both mentally and physically, thanks to Pauline and Fighterdiet! The more consistent I am the leaner and stronger I become! I am a Fighterdiet Warrior for LIFE!

  15. Vikki Garby

    I am currently in Pauline’s 2 Week Messenger VIP group in addition to the FD8 group and I am so thankful I joined the private messenger group. I have been doing Fighterdiet Challenges since March of 2021 and nothing I have ever done before (no diet or workout routine) has ever changed my body the way Fighterdiet has. I love Pauline and am so grateful for her program and her coaching. What I love about the VIP group is having little snippets of Pauline’s reminders or tricks in my ear all day long and all week long. I can listen to her little recordings as I drive or just any time throughout the day. Most recently I had a party to go to on the weekend and any other weekend I would have stuffed myself calling it a Refeed Day and telling myself I deserved to eat whatever I want. But because I was in the messenger group, I was able to stick to my goal because I could just hear Pauline in my head. She saved me from sabotaging my weekend and I am so thankful for that. If you want to be truly held accountable to make real change, I strongly recommend Pauline’s private coaching. Thank you, Pauline! ❤️

  16. Nancy Nord Stanaland

    Pauline Nordin is truly the last coach that you will ever need! She has the gift of knowing what you need even when you don’t. Any situation you find yourself struggling with on your fitness journey, she’s already been through and conquered it herself. Pauline will never sugarcoat. She leads and teaches with love. Helping others achieve their goals and dream bodies is her passion.

  17. Jackie Adorno

    Hey Pauline
    Just want to thank you for the experience of our vip coaching.
    It went quick.
    Here are my takeaways:

    Love your passion it shows in everything you do and it’s makes me want to do more!!!

    Love this new way of doing my workout
    I had my reservations before I joined FD.
    I had taken time off from training and I knew I didn’t want to train like I had before. It was exhausting and mentally draining.
    I love Uscreen!!!!

    This time around I really am enjoying my foods
    Love my veggies and my oatbran.
    I have a better understanding now about what I eat.
    I don’t crave junk just my FD meals.

    I love being back
    Best decision ever was coming back to the community and having you as my coach and mentor

    Saying THANK YOU is not enough

    Love you for what you have done for me!!
    I am happy and feel empowered!!!

  18. Leah O’Neill

    Pauline Nordin is unlike any trainer or coach I’ve known. And FighterDiet is unlike any program I’ve found online or through my local gyms.

    The program itself… the concept, the nutrition, the workouts… is amazing. I have all the tools I need to eat big and healthy, get strong and fit, and lose fat and gain muscle.

    But what really propelled me to the next level, and is helping me being more than I ever thought possible, is Pauline. She has an incredible understanding of human nature and how people self sabotage without even knowing why. She wants her clients to reach their full potential and she is teaching me to recognize my own road blocks, helping me to understand my behaviors and is providing real insight and direction to overcome them and become stronger. With her help I’ve grown, not only in my fitness life, but in my dedication to self and to becoming a stronger woman, in body and mind. I’m excited to continue my journey with her and I truly feel she is guiding me to become my best self.

  19. Birgit Vogt

    I have done several challenges. But I felt something was missing. So I committed to the VIP coaching and I don’t regret it. Pauline has helped me so much with my mindset. This was the missing link. I love to workout (shoutout to uscreen workouts!) and I love to eat veggies and protein. But sometimes my mind went on autopilot and I found myself stuffing my face with just crap. Now I see the signs and now what to do about it. Pauline is so straight forward. That helps my to keep my goal in mind.

    Thank you Pauline!

  20. jadorable3

    Vip messenger coaching is like no other.. not only does she deliver her vast knowledge of fitness, Pauline delivers her complete ability in showing how caring she is of her clients.
    Truly genuine, caring and honest. It why we stay together as group with her.. who else in this industry can say that??
    No one does or has the heart to do what Pauline does!!! It comes from her heart and we see it and benefit from her. She makes us better than average!!
    Thank you for all you do for us in the group!!

  21. Alla Schock

    Pauline is the most caring and accessible coach that I’ve ever worked with. She truly cares about each of her clients and helping us reach our goals, whatever they may be! She works with us on our bodies and our minds! Our bodies can do anything that our minds decide they can. I’m so thankful for Pauline in FighterDiet, and the one on one coaching that I have received from her. She is so compassionate and easy for me to relate to. She is patient and kind, but will speak truth when you need to hear it. I highly recommend one on one work with Coach Pauline!

  22. Lina Flores (verified owner)

    One of greatest lessons has been staying involved with Coach Pauline throughout the years. Whether it be via GRP text, VIP call, you name it.
    My first time was by accident!!! We were doing a zoom group call and I hit the, “I have a question” bubble!!! I think I froze from fear!! Coach Pauline asked me what was my calorie budget and “crickets!!!!” Years have passed now and she is an amazing friend and Coach. She will call me out on my BS; and be the kindest and caring person I know!!!

    I highly encourage and recommend you sign up for the VIP Coaching. Just send her a message and she will have you Venmo or PayPal $150. This is valuable time with Coach Pauline!!! Level Up your journey and level your mindset.
    This VIP coaching is definitely for experienced individual’s and beginners. If you’re serious about your journey and training, then you need Coach Pauline by your side.

    Thank you Coach Pauline!! Words aren’t enough
    Lina Flores

  23. Lank Simmons (verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best investment I’ve made towards my future was allowing Pauline to be my coach in the VIP program. I’ve been following Pauline or some tine now, but the individual coaching is at another level. My wife and I are both Huge Fans of hers.

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