10 Fitness Mistakes and Fixes

10 Fitness Mistakes and Fixes

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10 Fitness mistakes and how to remedy them

1. Getting discouraged when you get injured
Solution: remember strains, pains and injuries are unavoidable, they’re part of the journey. We always learn from them and your training evolves into a better approach.

2. Letting your diet go when you have a setback
Solution: If you’re injured or can’t keep training the way you want, diet is what will break or make you. You must avoid the all or nothing thinking. Giving up and just eat whatever pushes you further back than not training for a while.

3. Being scared of changing your workout routine
Solution: the key to keep growing muscle is to do exactly that. Change. Your muscles are trying to see a pattern and foresee what you’re doing and hence no need to adapt is needed. Remember your body is trying to stop you from building more and more. You must outsmart it. This gets tougher the longer you’ve been training.

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4. Using pain killers, Ibuprofen etc to keep on training
Solution: inflammation is part of building muscle and killing inflammation with drugs will not be helpful. Training with them in your system masks pain signals and you override the warnings. You’ll pay for it.

5. Not eating a good meal post workout because it’s very late at night
Solution: You don’t get fat from eating late! If you don’t eat you’re stopping your gains.

6. Never varying your calorie intake when trying to lose fat
Solution: Just like in training, your body is trying to see a pattern and adapt to it. If you’ve been 100% with a certain calorie range and nutrient breakdown for 12 weeks without any changes you should try to add 20% or so for 3 days then go back to your regular intake.

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7. Never varying your cardio routine when trying to lose fat
Solution: again, you need to vary frequency, intensity, volume, time of day, mode of cardio etc to make sure you keep on stimulating your body to change.

8. Forgetting to train your weak links: forearms, lower back, abs, tibia, calves, hamstrings, glutes, upper back, front neck are all spots we tend to neglect
Solution: train them like they’re most important and the rest will follow.

9. Not using any supplements at all and not eating a diet that takes care of all known micronutrients on a daily basis.

Solution: either you analyze it properly so you’re sure to provide your body with all needed or you invest in supplements to supplement your diet.

10. Keeping on increasing stimulants like caffeine to get the kick
Solution: the key to using stimulants in a responsible fashion is to KNOW the “kick” is just there when your body is not used to it and it fades over time.

It does not mean the stimulants are not working from a fat loss perspective. Only use it pre workout and never during the day for pick ups. Go stimulant free on days off. Do not increase the dosage more and more to get the kick.

If you can manage your outlook you’re so much closer to reaching the level of fitness you want! So do it for aesthetic reasons and you will get a happy soul as well!


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