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  1. Fitness Motivation
    50+ and going STRONG!
  2. Fitness Motivation
    If you DON'T see results.....Can you say YES to the 10?
  3. Fat Loss , Beginner
    List to do for getting in shape
  4. Beginner
    10 Ways to Get Out of a FAT LOSS Plateau!
  5. Fat Loss
    How much cardio should you do?
  6. Muscle
    10 Things I Do for My Legs & Glutes
  7. Diet
    How to survive a major junk food urge!
  8. The Challenges
    Transform YOU!
  9. Diet
    10 FAT LOSS FADS you MUST AVOID at all costs
  10. Fitness Motivation
    10 Fitness Mistakes and FIXES
  11. Fitness Motivation
    Strength is more than what you see!
  12. Diet
    Intermittent fasting for a LEAN BODY?
  13. Fat Loss
    Tips for Fitness Girls: why eating BIG meals helps fat loss
    How do you burn fat?
  15. Fitness Motivation
    There’s a lot of pressure on women about our looks and body ideals
  16. Fitness Motivation
    10 things I want fitness girls to know!
  17. Fat Loss
    Women usually "forget" or choose to selectively acknowledge we can't grow muscle eating nothing ...
  18. Fitness Motivation
    TOO TIRED ...
  19. Fitness Motivation
    Thigh Gap: what's the obsession with it and WHY?
  20. Fitness Motivation
    Why did I come to America?
  21. Fat Loss
    10 tips on how to melt belly fat without ab workouts or cardio!
  22. Fitness Motivation
    How to encourage a healthy lifestyle
  23. Fitness Motivation
    10 tips for fitness girls for self empowerment
  24. The Challenges
    10 tips for a SUCCESSFUL Body Transformation
  25. Muscle
    "I don't want to become too muscular"
  26. Fitness Motivation
    10 motivation tips for Fitness Girls
  27. Fitness Motivation
    10 Reasons Why I Practice ROUTINE Over "FEEL"
  28. Fat Loss
    Fighterdiet & Water Retention
  29. Fat Loss
    Fat Loss & Your Liver
  30. The Challenges
    "Fit-ish", fitness and pizza

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