How can I reshape my body after 50

How can I reshape my body after 50

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I've always admired and have been interested in people with muscle mass.

How can I reshape my body after 50

Karen is 50+ and this is her story.

I’ve always admired and have been interested in people with muscle mass.

What I always considered top fitness physique, but never allowed myself the energy or time put toward it, in my own life…..until…..

I came across one of Pauline Nordin’s instructional videos on Facebook. Honestly, my first thought was, “Who is this lovely geek w/ glasses?”

I watched Pauline’s instructional video, and noticed her great form, enthusiasm, and intrusive beauty and physique !

At this time, I had to know more!

I began following Pauline’s instructional video posts, where she was in her own home, using whatever she had around to instruct the moves she was sharing, be they a glass, a can, a mop, etc, etc….. I thought, “awesome! this gal has sense of humor too, wonderful!”

Which then led me to sign up for my first online 12 week challenge which happened to be ‘Build and Burn.’ I did well within that first challenge, and signed up for the next one, Cuts and Gains. However, I was not as consistent in the second challenge .

I decided to come back for the next 12 week challenge in line…..The “Glutorious” Butt Bible Challenge!

I am now preparing for Pauline Nordin’s next 12 week transformational challenge Summer Shred and I’ve been actively trying to recruit a few other friends to join this challenge as well, and I have high hopes that at least one will join.

I’ve found happiness in sharing Paulin’s program with others and training to transform my mind and body! – Karen

Fit after 50

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