10 Fat Loss Fads You Must Avoid at All Cost

10 Fat Loss Fads You Must Avoid at All Cost

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10 Fat Loss Fads You Must Avoid at All Cost

Fitness fads come and go, but unless you want to end up disappointed and broke, do not spend time or money on these fads.

1. Coconut oil capsules. Even though coconut is a healthy fat, simply adding them to your diet will not cause fat loss, it might actually add body fat if you’re already consuming more energy than you should.

2. Raspberry ketones. There’s no data on it that proves it’s effective in increasing your metabolism.

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3. Sauna belt. When your body needs to cool off you sweat. Fat is not broken down in sweat and does not exit via your skin.

4. Hot yoga. You do not burn more calories in a hot environment vs normal temperated room. Actually, you burn more when you are in a cold environment so open the windows in the winter!

5. Pilates. Pilates has its benefits but it will not make you lean out and build muscle as efficiently as regular old school resistance training. The reason is pilates is not intense and doesn’t overload your muscles properly.

6. Going vegan to lose weight after watching forks over knives and not supplementing with omega 3 or vitamin B12. Both are essential for health. You can get vegan omega 3 from algae and B12 you can find in a simple multivitamin.

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7. Doing a cleanse. It does not make you leaner or healthier, it only encourages over eating and binge eating.

8. Doing ‘if it fits your macros’ wrong: you need to think further than simply macros. Macros contain micros and depending on what you choose you can either be healthy or become deficient.

9. “No eating after 6 pm“. This is detrimental when you work out at night! Going to bed on an empty stomach after weight training puts your muscle mass at risk for assassination!

10. Trying a new diet each week. Why? You need to be consistent to see results. Fat loss seldom happens in a week and if it does it is not much!